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It is essential to have a good nonstick pan in your arsenal. Now, imagine the nonstick pans in your kitchen. Are they all scratched up, with certain foods still getting stuck? With the CHOC nonstick collections, this is a problem of the past! The high-quality construction of the CHOC nonstick utensils is superior to your average nonstick - from the application of the scratch-resistant and easy-release PTFE coating to the thick, heavy-duty aluminum body. Guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals, like PFOA and PFOS. Your search for the most durable, the most nonstick cookware ends with de Buyer's CHOC line. 

CHOC Nonstick Do's and Don'ts


Reheat and one-pot meals

The CHOC nonstick pans are perfect for reheating leftovers for those days when you just don't have the time to make a whole meal from scratch. For easy home-cooked meals on the fly, CHOC's deep frypans are ideal for one-pot meals. Quick and easy cooking and clean-up!

Fry up fillets of delicate fish

Conductive aluminum distributes heat evenly across the pan, making CHOC perfect for frying up fillets of your favorite fish (or a whole fish)! The easy-release nonstick coating helps to keep even the most delicate fish in one piece, so you can serve up some show-stopping seafood. 

Simmer and Reduce Sauces

Nonstick cookware is designed for low - medium heat cooking, which makes it perfect for making sauces and reductions for all types of dishes. You won't have to worry about acidic foods stripping the coating, making it the ideal pan for lemon, wine, or tomato based sauces... Spaghetti and meatballs with a red sauce will become a household favorite! 


Sear Meat and Seafood

Nonstick pans are not meant for high-heat cooking - for this reason we do not recommend using CHOC pans to sear or brown meat or seafood. Instead, try cooking these foods for a longer time at lower temperature for a nice, deliciously juicy texture

Use on the grill

Grills produce very high temperatures that are not suitable for use with nonstick pans. Keeping your CHOC nonstick pans on a low to medium temperature helps to protect the nonstick surface allowing it to maintain it's smooth texture and superior nonstick properties.

Heat up empty pans

It is important to heat up your pan gradually and to never heat an empty nonstick pan. By avoiding this, you will avoid potential warping and damage to the nonstick coating. Not heating an empty pan will help extend the life of your nonstick utensils

 CHOC vs Average nonstick

Our CHOC nonstick collections have been praised by customers and professional chefs.
So what makes CHOC different than the average nonstick?

CHOC nonstick

  • Thick Aluminium Base

  • High Quality PTFE coating with high

    resistance to scratches

  • 5 layers of nonstick coating to last

    5 X longer

  • Free of PFOA and PFOS

  • CHOC Induction line is induction ready!

  • CHOC Intense in induction ready and

    oven safe up to 480F

Average nonstick

  • Cheap Aluminum

  • Nonstick coating is cheap and only

    1 layer

  • Coating is more susceptible to scratches

  • Needs to be replaced every few years

  • Rarely can be used on induction stove tops

  • CHOC Intense in induction ready and

    oven safe up to 480F

How it's made: CHOC and CHOC Induction

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