About Us

Around 200 years ago, our company was producing cutlery in a small smithy in Val d’Ajol from metals mined locally. Working with culinary professionals to develop its industry knowledge and produce ‘true’ utensils, we aim to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technical developments and are the only manufacturer to work with a range of materials (steel, coated aluminum, stainless steel, copper etc.) corresponding to the different cooking methods that characterize traditional French cuisine.       
Authenticity is important to us.

Through the passage of time, de Buyer has been a constant inovator, from creating the first high pressure cooker to our celebrated perforated tart rings. We are known for our innovative, one of a kind products. 

Handmade in France

Centuries old business

To each the level of excellence required by culinary professionals, de Buyer strives to create quality products that are durable and technical in design to ensure precision of use. French cooking places great importance on the high quality of the tools used. That's why for almost 200 year we have been hand making most of our products at our factory in France!

de Buyer has been a constant innovator from the start-