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B Bois Utensils Set - 5 Pieces

B Bois Utensils Set - 5 Pieces

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  • About this product

    • The B Bois utensils combines high quality, functionality and a beautiful aesthetic. With a stonewashed stainless-steel shaft the utensils are suited for high temperatures. Naturally beautiful, the beechwood handle enables a firm grim that is cool to the touch, while the food-safe beeswax finish offers long-lasting protection. 

      The kit includes:
      B BOIS Spoon
      B BOIS Ladle
      B BOIS Skimmer
      B BOIS Slotted Spatula
      B BOIS Spaghetti Spoon
  • Description

    • Stir, scoop and serve up all kinds of hot and cold foods with this 5-piece B BOIS utensil set. Our B BOIS utensils are crafted with durable and high quality stonewashed stainless steel, and a beautiful French Beechwood handle that is comfortable to hold and beautiful to keep on display! Use this kit to make a variety of soups, stews, sauces, and so much more! The 5-piece set contains a B BOIS Spoon, Ladle, Skimmer, Slotted Spatula, and Spaghetti Spoon.
  • Product Specifications

      Body: Stonewashed Stainless steel
      Handle: Breech Wood
      Handle Fixing: Riveted

      B BOIS Spoon
      Length: 13.2"
      Width: 2.6"

      B BOIS Ladle
      Length: 13.4"
      Width: 3.5"

      B BOIS Skimmer
      Length: 14.4"
      Width: 4.3"

      B BOIS Slotted Spatula
      Length: 13.8"
      Width: 3.1"

      B BOIS Spaghetti Spoon
      Length: 13"
      Width: 2.8"

  • Use & Care

    • • Ideal for use with all types of pans except nonstick • Handwash with soap and water • Dry thoroughly
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de Buyer

Founded in 1830 in the Vosges region
in France, this is where every de Buyer utensil is conceived, engineered, and
manufactured. Using the most advanced materials and cutting-edge innovations,
our cooking, pastry, and slicing utensils are made to put a smile on every
face, from the stove to the table. 

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