When you hear the words "carbon steel," you might think there is just one variety. But that is not the case with de Buyer's extensive line of carbon steel pans. Our line of products includes Mineral B, Mineral B Pro, and Blue Carbon Steel - all of which feature all the power and durability that comes with carbon steel. Let's look at these types of carbon steel and find the best one for you. 

Want to add these high-quality carbon steel cookware pieces to your collection? Our products are ethically-sourced, durable, and made in France to the highest standards at de Buyer!


If you are searching for a carbon steel pan that does it all, take a look at de Buyer’s Mineral B line of pans. These items are made with responsibly sourced and high-quality iron (99%) and carbon (1%). All pans are coated with natural French beeswax to help fight against any rust and  oxidation that might occur before the pan is seasoned. Over time, they only get better, making them the perfect cooking pans to pass down from generation to generation.

If you want to boost the taste of your food, you cannot go wrong with carbon steel. These Mineral B pans are essential for frying, grilling, and searing

All de Buyer's Mineral B products are made with 100% natural white steel between 2.5 - 3 mm thick. Our pans are thicker than most carbon steel pans on the market, and although this contributes to the weight of the pan, it allows the pan to be warp resistant and keep its shape, even when cooking at high temperatures. Additionally, de Buyer's lifetime guarantee protects your investment in these pans. Carbon Steel pan requires an initial seasoning, after which the seasoning will naturally build up with regular use. With regular use, these pans will build up more seasoning, adding to those non-stick qualities and making them even better over time.

Looking at the pan, it has a flared shape to help facilitate the sliding and flipping of the food. The Mineral B pans have a French-curved steel handle that keeps your hands away from the source. Along with that, the pans have a better weight distribution while you are handling them. Finally, the riveted mounts ensure that these pans hold up to regular usage.

de Buyer has a wide range of Mineral B products, including:

  • Griddle
  • Fry pan
  • Omelette pan
  • Egg and pancake pan
  • Tortilla pan
  • Country fry pan
  • Wok 
  • Paella pan
  • Oval roasting pan
  • Aebleskiver & Poffertjes Pan


The Mineral B pans are perfect for both home and professional cooks. With their durability, you can count on them to deliver outstanding results in any kitchen. If your de Buyer pans have stainless steel handles, they can also safely be used in the oven, on a grill, or over a campfire.


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If you peek into a French kitchen, you will see a fantastic collection of carbon steel pans hanging above the stoves. Professional chefs use carbon steel pans; they are a bit lighter and thinner than cast iron ones. Along with that, they heat up faster than cast iron pans. The Mineral B PRO has all the great attributes of the Mineral B, but it is fully oven safe thanks to the stainless steel handle. Like Mineral B, these pans are made with heavy-duty metal and coated with French beeswax. You can use these pans on any cooktops, even induction stove tops. No matter what cooktop you use, its handles will stay cool to the touch thanks to the heat-stop technology. 

Like the Mineral B, this pan only becomes better with use. The Mineral B PRO line offers 2 different styles: the Fry Pan and the Country Fry Pan, which features deeper sides perfect for stir-frying or sauteing. You might think that a "pro" version is just for those experienced cooks, but these pans can be efficiently utilized by anyone who has a passion for cooking, as it gives you more freedom to use either on the stove, in the oven, on a grill, or even over an open fire. The Mineral B PRO should be your first choice when you want to create delicious dishes.

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Both the Mineral B and Mineral B PRO pans are designed and produced in France. A lifetime guarantee also stands behind them. You can cook with confidence when these pans grace your stovetops. de Buyer offers several types of pans in this line, including:

  • Fry pan (8” to 11”)
  • Fry Pan with helper handle (12.5”)
  • Country fry pan

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de Buyer's Blue Carbon Steel pans are similar to Mineral B in that they are both types of carbon steel, however they’ve been treated differently and thus perform a bit differently as well. The Blue Carbon Steel pans are made with thinner iron than the Mineral B and Mineral B PRO. This results in the Blue Carbon Steel pans being much more lightweight than traditional carbon steel. These pans have undergone a heat treatment that results in its “blue” color. This heat treatment helps to increase its durability and help prevent rust and oxidation. Like all of de Buyer’s Carbon Steel products, these Blue Steel pans are covered by a lifetime guarantee. 


You can use the Blue Carbon Steel pans for a variety of uses. They are reliable and built to last. Since the steel can conduct and distribute heat evenly, it is the ideal pan for browning, reheating, searing, and simmering. Because Blue Carbon Steel is made with thinner metal, it heats up and cools down much quicker, and is better suited for low to medium heat cooking. de Buyer's Blue Steel pans have a traditional French handle and a Lyonnaise shape so that you can flip foods like a pro. Blue Steel pans are an excellent choice for your next BBQ. You can use them on the open flames or cook with them on a grill. They are also a great choice to bring on a camping trip, so you can whip up some delicious meals over the campfire.

de Buyer has several types of Blue Steel, including:

  • Fry pans
  • Crepe and tortilla pan
  • Perforated Outdoor Fry Pan 


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All of de Buyer's pans are made to last, and they are the perfect items to add to your kitchen. Whether you want to use them for the cooktop or outdoor grills, Mineral B, Mineral B PRO, and Blue Steel will make an exceptional addition to your cooking repertoire

Do you want to add these carbon steel products to your home or professional kitchen? We have an expansive line of high-quality bakeware, cookware, and utensils at de Buyer!

Frequently asked questions about carbon steel

Is carbon steel cookware safe to use?

Consider carbon steel if you're looking for reliable cookware that can stand up to frequent use over time. Mixing iron and varying amounts of additional elements, such as manganese or copper, creates an alloy that offers unique benefits for culinary enthusiasts who love spending time in the kitchen.

You'll find that low-carbon varieties tend to be softer and malleable, while higher levels of carbon strengthen these materials significantly.

With regular seasoning practices, your new investment will produce perfectly cooked meals without requiring extra fat or oil additives.

How do I season my carbon steel pan?

Carbon steel cookware is safe to use. With its outstanding durability, incredible versatility, and exceptional heat control features, carbon steel cookware remains a popular option among professional chefs.

Nevertheless, adequately seasoning your cast carbon steel pan is highly recommended – this helps prevent any chemical reaction with acidic foods while creating an effective non-stick cooking surface.
Can I use carbon steel cookware on all types of stove tops?
Clean your carbon steel pan before seasoning it. After cleaning:

  • Cover its surface with a minimal amount of vegetable oil or any other preferred type of cooking oil.
  • Heat your stove to medium fire and place the oiled pan on it.
  • Keep checking for smoke from the hot-oiled area and remove it from heat once visible smokes become conspicuous.
  • Wipe away residual oils with a paper towel before using it again.

How should I clean my carbon steel cookware?

You can use carbon steel cookware on various stovetops, including gas, electric, and induction. It's also suitable for oven use. Just be sure to heat the pan slowly to prevent warping, and use appropriate heat settings for the type of food you're cooking.
How should I clean my carbon steel cookware?
To clean carbon steel cookware, start by grabbing a sponge or soft dishcloth and gently scraping down the surface of your pan using light pressure.

Use hot water and mild soap, then rinse everything away without leaving any residue. Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive cleaning products that can damage its seasoning layer.

Dry the pan completely before storing it to prevent rust.

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What are some typical cooking techniques that work well with carbon steel cookware?

Consider adding a carbon steel pan to your collection - this versatile cookware performs exceptionally well with several different cooking techniques. For example, searing meats at high temperatures has never been easier than with a carbon steel pan's even heating capabilities.

Similarly, frying foods like vegetables or chicken come out perfectly crispy thanks to the same technology.

Plus, browning and stir-frying are effortless tasks when using these great pans.

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