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Carbon Steel Cookware

Our Carbon Steel pans progress as you do, and the end results are one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect back your journey in the kitchen.

Offering a naturally nonstick surface, a heavy-duty build, and the ability to handle high heat, de Buyer Carbon Steel is heirloom quality cookware that will last a lifetime. There’s a reason it’s our #1 best seller!

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People Love Us

After owning it for a week of daily cooking its looking fantastic, I seasoned with grapesees oil in the oven and it was nonstick after the last season. Handle stays cool throughout hightemp cooking as well. Would definitely recommend this pan as a lifetime purchase.

-Amy Z, Sacramento
MINERAL B PRO Carbon Steel Fry Pan

This fry pan is fantastic! I have other fry pans in my collection but this one is quickly becoming my favorite. It’s perfect for searing off sous vide steaks or preparing steaks in the oven, great for sautéing a generous amount of veg for dinner and also big enough to prepare one pan dishes with easy clean up. It’s finally taken on the blue/black color of seasoned carbon steel and I love owning this pan and recommend it to anyone thinking of adding a new pan to their kitchen “toolbox”.

- David F, Cleveland
MINERAL B PRO Carbon Steel Fry Pan

After seeing some videos how most non-stick pans are created to be thrown away in a few years—and how terrible they are for the environment—I took the plunge into carbon steel and cast iron. It is an adjustment, they aren’t as “pretty,” and they take some work to season, but I am SO happy with my purchase. I can already tell they are built to last!

- Kevin K, New York City
MINERAL B PRO Carbon Steel Fry Pan

Discover Our Sister Brands

Pebbly and 32 Dumas are here to elevate your kitchen to the next level.

Pebbly products are not only made with ethically sourced, sustainable materials, they’re designed to kick-start a cycle of good that begins with something as small as a product you use every day but inspires a whole lifestyle of intentional living.

Made in France, 32 Dumas holds a reputation for producing fully forged, hand-crafted kitchen knives of the highest quality since 1532.

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Made In France

Since 1830, every de Buyer utensil has been conceived and designed in France following the most stringent quality requirements. For 200 years, authenticity, passion, and commitment have been the values at the core of de Buyer’s Business, knowledge, and expertise.