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Perforated Tart Rings & Baking Mats

For a perfect heat conduction and a crisp crust every time

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MINERAL B BOIS Country Fry Pan
  • $99.95
Perforated Round Tart Ring Height 0.8"
  • From $13.95
FORCE BLUE Blue Steel Crepe & Tortilla Pan
  • From $22.95
Baguette Pan
  • $24.95

Customer Reviews

It lives up to its name intense non-stick . Easy to use, easy to clean, a real workhorse . I have one in each size and use daily.

CHOC Intense

Anthony T.

I am happy and thrilled with each DeBuyer piece I own. Each piece works as advertised and has elevated my time in the kitchen.

Matthew L.

A brunch must have Own twoof them and thinking about getting some more. Perfect for quick sunny-side-upeggs or pancakes. Super easy to clean too.

CHOC Nonstick Egg & Pancake Pan


Purchased this item yearsago and did not re-find it until recently. Where has this been all my life?Easily made an amazing fruit salad, waldorf salad was a breeze! Tomato coredand filled with chicken salad? I could go on and on but you seriously need thisin your chef toolbox!


Karin P.

The best pans I own!!! They cook perfectly and were easy to season!

Mineral B Pro Fr Ypan 12.5"

Darren G.

This pan is very impressive with its quality and thickness of the carbon steel layer itself. After removing the protective beeswax coating, cleaning and re-seasoning of the pan are easy and fairly standard.

Mineral B Fry Pan

Mikiko M.

Can't get it wrong Easy to use, easy to clean

ELASTOMOULE Madeleine Silicone Mold

About the company

Since 1830, the name de Buyer has been synonymous with excellence. Our family company is nestled in the Vosges region of France. There, we design and manufacture cooking and pastry equipment for professionals and dedicated home chefs. We are artisans at heart, and our pledge is to craft exemplar cookware that marries French tradition with cutting-edge technology.

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