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Every task has its tool, and with de Buyer's knives, each step of meal preparation is met with precision and the pleasure. The perfect knife meets the specific needs and inclinations of its owner and acts as an extansion of the chef's hand. Our diverse line contains blades handcrafted for every individual and all occasions. Each knife is specially made to ensure that chefs feel they don't know where they end and the blade begins.

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TRIUM Knife Sharpener
  • $79.95
FK2 Chef Knife
  • From $99.95
FK2 Santoku Knife
  • $94.95
FK2 Paring Knife
  • $69.95
FK2 Utility Knife
  • $79.95
FK2 Precision Carving Knife
  • $69.95
FK2 Bread Knife
  • $99.95
FK2 Boning Knife
  • $74.95
FK2 Fillet Knife
  • $79.95
Seafood Shears
  • $24.95