Not sure which Carbon Steel line is right for you? This guide will help you find the perfect collection for the job.

At de Buyer we offer multiple carbon steel collections, which can make choosing the right one feel a little overwhelming. But fear not, because we’re going to help you understand the differences between each of our different carbon steel lines. This guide will break down our MINERAL B, MINERAL B PRO, and Blue Carbon Steel Access lines, explaining the variations in weight, thickness, finish, price points, and more!

How to Use Your Carbon Steel Pan

There are so many ways to use a carbon steel pan. These truly qualify as day-to-day workhorses thanks to their versatility. Their non-stick qualities make them trustworthy for delicate jobs like whipping up a French omelet. As your pan is used more frequently, it develops a complex seasoned surface. This helps to develop the Maillard reaction, inspiring the natural sugars to caramelize. This gives meat and vegetables that signature golden “crust” that helps lock in flavor and moisture. 

How to Season and Maintain Your Carbon Steel Pans

There are several different methods of seasoning a carbon steel pan, but we’ve got a simple, fool-proof method that’ll cut down on the fuss. First, wash the pan in a sink of hot water to remove the protective beeswax coating. Then, put your pan on the stove and put the heat to medium-low. Pour a thin layer of oil into the pan so it completely coats the surface, and let it sit for 10 minutes.

After 6-7 minutes, you’ll notice the color of the pan’s surface gradually changing. Turn off the heat and allow the oil to cool. Drain the oil and wipe it out of the pan. Next, put the empty pan back on medium-low heat and let it “cook” for 3 additional minutes. You’ll notice the surface colors browning. Remove from heat and you’re ready to go!


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