This Brown Butter Sage Garlic Bread is a flavorful variation of classic garlic bread, enhanced with a rich blend of browned butter, fragrant sage, and minced garlic. This twist adds a nutty depth to the traditional favorite, creating a savory and aromatic delight.

Bon Appetit! 


2 loaves of bread
1 cube of butter
4 cloves of garlic
6 sage leaves
Italian herbs (to taste)
Sweet paprika (to taste)


1. Heat your INOCUIVRE Tradition Copper Saucepan over medium heat and melt one cube of butter. 

2. Press 4 cloves in garlic in a garlic press, then add to saucepan. 

3. Add the sage leaves. Cook until the edges start to crisp, then remove after.

4. Switch the heat to low to keep the butter melted.

5. Cut the desired loaves of bread in half, then slice, leaving the base of the bread still attached at the edges. 

6. Remove the browned butter from heat and spread it across all pieces of bread, along with the pressed garlic. Be sure to evenly distribute the garlic.

7. Sprinkle with Italian herbs and sweet paprika to taste.

8. Using your Blue Carbon Steel Access Baking Sheet, toast the bread in the oven until golden brown (at 375°F for about 10 mins)

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