Your new nonstick bakeware!

Baking will be a breeze with our variety of nonstick baking molds. Made from steel with a high-quality, non-toxic, nonstick coating that is guaranteed PFOA and PFOS free, your baked goods will come out easily and perfectly golden-brown. With various shapes and sizes, you can make cookies, brownies, coffee cakes, cornbread, cheesecakes and more!

Nonstick Bakeware 

Benefits of using nonstick bakeware

With this new collection of nonstick bakeware, you can stop worrying about it your delicious creations will stick to the inside of your pan - I'm sure we have all accidentally ruined a few desserts that way :( 

With a high-quality nonstick coating that will last you 5x longer than other nonstick bakeware lines on the market, you will enjoy easy-release properties without having to scrape out little bits and pieces. When removing your baked goods from the mold, we recommend using silicone or wood utensils to avoid potentially scratching the nonstick surface. 

What can I make with these molds?

Pretty much anything! The best part about this new collection of nonstick bakeware is that it is so versatile. With a variety of shapes and sizes, this collection has everything you need to make all kinds of sweet or savory baked goods. You can even make some no-bake goodies on those hot summer days.

Here are just some things that you can make: 

Cheesecake, brownies, coffee cake, quiche, focaccia bread, banana bread, baguettes and other breads, no-bake jello desserts, corn bread... and the list goes on! 

Cleaning your nonstick baking mold

You should always hand wash nonstick baking molds. If there's ever any residue stuck to the surface after baking, do not try to scrape it off! Soak your sheet or mold in hot, soapy water for a short time and wipe it out with a non-abrasive sponge. 

Is the nonstick coating safe?

YES! We use a superior non-toxic, nonstick coating that is guaranteed to be free of PFOA and PFOS. Our nonstick coating has a higher resistance to scratching, allowing it to last 5x longer than other nonstick bakeware.  

What is it made out of?

What makes de Buyer's nonstick bakeware than the others? Rather than using aluminum, which is cheaper and less heat conductive, we use heavy duty, high quality steel to make our nonstick molds. The steel has superior heat conductivity which allows for a better, more thorough bake. And with the nonstick coating, your baked goods will be easier than ever remove with a perfect, golden-brown bake. 


Baking with our nonstick molds 

Our nonstick baking molds are 

Baking Mat or Parchment Paper?

Our baking mats make an excellent, easy to use substitute for parchment paper or aluminum foil – when using the baking mats, place it on a baking sheet for support while transferring it into the oven, fridge, or baking sheet. 

Cleaning a nonstick baking mold

Whether our baguette pan or one of our nonstick baking molds, if there's any residue sticking to the surface after baking, do not try to scrape it off! Soak your sheet or mold in hot water for a short time and wipe it out with a non-abrasive sponge. You should always hand wash nonstick baking molds.

Baking is a science

When making dough, it is common to dust flour on the counter when rolling out or kneading it, which can cause extra flour to be incorporated into the dough, making it too tough and dry! Instead - try rolling out or kneading your dough on a silicone baking mat, or place the dough between two sheets of parchment paper so it doesn't stick to the counter!

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