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2021 schedule

(Products and quantities may change)

March 2021 - Blue Steel Crepe & Tortilla Pan - CLOSED

April 2021 - GOMA Universal Whisk or Mineral B Paella Pan - from 4/3 to 4/7/2021

GOMA Universal Whisk

Quantity: 10

Mineral B Paella Pan

Quantity: 10

In April, we'll be offering 2 products for review: the GOMA Universal Whisk and the Mineral B Paella Pan.

You need to be a member to apply and participate. By invitation only, coming from

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May 2021 - Mandoline KOBRA or   Blue Steel Perforated Pan - 2 handles   or   Paring Knife - Dates TBA

Mandoline Kobra

Quantity: 10

Blue Steel Perforated Pan - 2 handles

Quantity: 10

Paring Knife

Quantity: 10

June 2021 - Nonstick baking molds: round shape 8" - 9" - 11" - Dates TBA

Round Cake Mold (8" - 9" - 11")

Quantity: 15 (5 each)

July 2021 - NO PRODUCT

Enjoy your summer!

August 2021 - Mineral B Egg Pan or Perforated Square Tart Ring 6"  and  Perforated Silicon Mat - Dates TBA

Silicon Perforated Baking mat

Quantity: 10

Perforated Square tart Ring 6"

Quantity: 10

Mineral B Egg Pan

Quantity: 10

September 2021 - Alchimy Sauce Pan  or   Affinity fry pan or

Copper Sautê Pan or   Copper Fry pan - Dates TBA

Alchimy Sauce Pan

Quantity: 5

Affinity Fry Pan

Quantity: 5

Copper Fry Pan 8"

Quantity: 5

Copper Saute Pan 8"

Quantity: 5

October 2021 - Choc Intense Deep Fry Pan   or   Mini Kwik Piston Funnel - Dates TBA

Choc Intense Deep Fry Pan

Quantity: 10

Kwik Piston Funnel

Quantity: 10

November 2021 - Corer or Set of 4 Measuring Cups or LE TUBE - Dates TBA


Quantity: 10

Set of 4 measuring cups

Quantity: 10


Quantity: 5

December 2021 - NO PRODUCT

Happy holidays!

About this program

Who can participate,

how it works

and what we expect from the reviewers.

  • Every month or so, we offer products (or groups of products) for review to the Members of our Insider Club. They can be existing products in our line, new products in pre-launch mode, or prototypes
  • The program is totally free of charge for our reviewers, who receive brand new products in exchange of their honest and unbiased feedback and review.
  • There is no catch or strings attached: you are free to join and leave the program at anytime!
  • This program is reserved to our Members only and you need to be on our opt-in list (accepting marketing and emails... otherwise we can't get in touch with you!)
  • Members apply and the de Buyer Team selects reviewers according to specific criteria
  • Within about 2-3 weeks after receiving their product, we expect our reviewers to answer a few questions describing their experience and submit their honest and unbiased review. Sharing your experience on social media is not mandatory but greatly appreciated!
  • Your information is safe with us and will never be shared with any third party. Your feedback is extremely precious, and allows us to keep improving our products.

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