We invite you to celebrate our French heritage all week long with us: 

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Made In France: Bastille Day Featured Collections

Since 1830, every de Buyer utensil has been conceived and designed in France following the most stringent quality requirements. Shop our top-of-the-line cookware now.

Buy One, Get One 30% Off With code BASTILLE30 

Carbon Steel Cookware

About Carbon Steel

The MINERAL B and MINERAL B PRO Carbon Steel lines both feature a natural beeswax coating as a protective finish against oxidation. Carbon Steel is a classic, non-toxic, and naturally non-stick material revered by French chefs. Both of these collections are extremely high-quality and durable, and come with a lifetime guarantee, equipped with a French handle and stainless steel handle. 

Signature Collection


About Signature Collection

Top-of-the-line, multi-material cookware collection that features our signature, heat-stop handle, and beautifully encompasses our classic French design and style. Since 2021, de Buyer has been partnering with the world-famous Bocuse d’Or international cooking competition for their chefs to use our AFFINITY5-ply Stainless Steel Collections. Truly professional chef approved!

Copper Collection

About Copper Collection

Our elegant INOCUIVRE and PRIMA MATERA copper lines are made with 90% copper and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel. This combination is unique to de Buyer. With a higher percentage of copper, this combines the perfect thermal conductivity of copper on the outside, and the benefits of a food-grade, high-quality stainless-steel lining on the inside, to cook every type of food to perfection.

French Excellence.

This Bastille Day, there is no better way to celebrate French excellence than with de Buyer’s cookware, handmade in France. French cooking places great importance on the high quality of tools used. That’s why for almost 200 years, de Buyer has been hand-making our products right in our own factory in the Vosges Region of France. de Buyer strives to create superior products that are durable and technical in design to ensure precision, that reach the level of excellence required by culinary professionals. We have the utmost respect for the French culinary tradition. Read on to learn about our collaboration with French chefs, expert craftsmanship, and French commitments. And of course, enter our major MADE IN FRANCE giveaway below!


Lifetime Guarantee on Carbon Steel & Copper Lines

Corporate Social Responsibility 

(CSR Certified)

  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • Collaboration with French Chefs
  • Our French Accolades & Commitments

At de Buyer, we take pride in the little details and value craftsmanship. Each of our products is crafted with specific features and attributes that provide countless benefits during use. We pay careful attention to the shapes of our cookware. For example, our fry pans are Lyonnaise-shape. This means the edges of the pan are well flared and rounded to easily turn food, then plate it. The handles are patented heat stop, with a long French Arc style that is typically riveted. It’s designed to keep your hand away from the heat, and ensure the handle stays cool while cooking. It also maintains excellent balance, because the utensil’s center of gravity is located under the gripping center. This makes it easier to grip, especially for heavier pans, and to pour a sauce or liquid. It is curved at the center, which gives it greater strength, to prevent bending) and allows you to easily position your thumb. 

For de Buyer, creating excellent cookware means learning from excellent chefs. In order to reach the level of excellence that is required by professionals, then we must go straight to the source.

This is why we collaborate with culinary experts and French chefs, to understand exactly what is needed to make the best cookware.

To enable Chefs around the world to perfect their skills with de Buyer, we make cookware that allows for efficient and easy cooking. We stay in touch with professionals to better understand their struggles and requirements, to provide them with new functional solutions in perfect harmony with food preparation and cooking techniques. This allows us to conceive and make more and more functional kitchen utensils to streamline cooking or baking, as well as to enable chefs to work even faster and be even more efficient. Chef Philippe is our in-house chef who we consult on our products, to ensure authentic and useful products. He has even helped us design some of our kitchenware, including LE TUBE Pastry Press and Savory Food Dispenser. Watch him action in the video above!

At de Buyer, our principles are our heritage. Collaborating with French chefs is a precious tradition we abide by and will continue to preserve for many years to come. 

We are proud to announce de Buyer has been selected for the Exposition du "Fabriqué en France" at Élysée Palace. This annual event honors companies who are fully committed to French manufacturing. Our pans embody French culture and are emblematic of your French grandmothers' cuisine. Naturally non-stick, indestructible, and improving with time, our Carbon Steel pans will be passed down from generation to generation.

This year, the exposition has placed emphasis on environmentally friendly production approaches, social engagement, and contributing to the preservation of regional expertise and local economic development.

At de Buyer, we commit to Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR helps to identify companies who play a positive role in their community and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions. This ideology is at the core of de Buyer's values. Our factory is surrounded by beautiful forests, streams, and wildlife and one of our biggest goals is to protect and maintain the natural habitat where de Buyer calls home. At each stage of design, whether for a product, machine, or building, we are always committed to the environment and to preserving the beautiful site in which our factory is located.

More Quintessentially French de Buyer Delicacies

The Air System, Mandoline, and Le Tube are the dream team in your kitchen. Whether you're an at-home chef or an expert baker, these are sure to impress.

Buy One, Get One 30% Off With code BASTILLE30 

AIR SYSTEM Perforated Bakeware


Our AIR SYSTEM Collection consists of tart rings, molds, baking sheets, and more. These products have been designed with groundbreaking technology, featuring micro-perforations that improve air circulation, and promote fast and even cooking while allowing steam to escape through the perforations for a deliciously crispy (but not dry!) result every time.

To help you bake golden, delicious baked goods, we worked with "l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona" to design a collection that meets the expectations of French masters, but also provides the usability today’s bakers expect and demand. This bakeware collection has a wide variety of shapes and sizes for pies, tarts, loafs, and more!



The de Buyer Mandoline collections are designed with French chefs to understand the importance of uniform cut and size for cooking and presentation.

Each of the Mandolines are equipped with tools that allow for special cuts. This allows for a variety of shapes and sizes, that create beauty in food presentation.



The LE TUBE collection, featuring the LE TUBE Pastry Press and Savory Food Dispenser and the PRO version, was designed with the help of Chef Philippe. This tool is more than just a pastry press; it’s a tool for both sweet and savory foods, whether you’re decorating cupcakes or piping mashed potatoes.

The LE TUBE can also be used for garnishing, filling or decorating desserts, and even decorating your plate for a presentation that is sure to impress.