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March 2021


Blue Steel Tortilla & Crepe Pan

  • Number of products available for review and testing: 20 (new)
  • Available sizes for review: 8" or 9.5"
  • Deadline for application: March 7th, 2021 at 8pm ET

20 reviewers will be selected by March 12th, 2021 and products will start shipping the following week.

Reviewers will be expected to complete a form with feedback questions, and leave us a review.

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One of our absolute best sellers, this traditional blue steel crepe pan is ideal for all your batters, crepes, pancakes, and tortillas. The naturally nonstick surface and effective heat distribution will ensure perfect results every time.

  • Natural nonstick properties once seasoned
  • Traditional French handle for flipping the food
  • Low to medium heat
  • Made of iron and carbon
  • Steel welded handle
  • Handmade in France
  • Retail price: from $22.95

Crepe Recipe

Blackened Shrimp Tacos

Seasoning Instructions

About this program

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  • Every month or so, we offer 1 to 2 of our products (or groups of products) for review to the Members of our Insiders Club. This can be existing products in our line, new products in pre-launch mode, or prototypes
  • The program is totally free of charge for our reviewers, who receive brand new products in exchange of their honest and unbiased feedback and review.
  • There is no catch or strings attached: you are free to join and leave at anytime!
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  • Members apply and the de Buyer Team selects reviewers according to specific criteria
  • Within about a month after receiving their product, we expect our participants to answer a few questions describing their experience and submit their honest and unbiased review. Reviews can be shared with us or submitted directly on our website. Sharing your experience on your social media is not mandatory but greatly appreciated!
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