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Bloomberg, Bastille Day, Retailer Spotlight, and more! 

celebrate bastille day with a sale!

Bastille Day is July 14th - celebrate it with de Buyer! Let's embrace the French Heritage by highlighting quality cookware products made in France. This month, take 15% off some of our best-selling French-made products: AFFINITY Stainless Steel, PRIMA MATERA Copper, and Mineral B Carbon Steel!  

PROMO: 15% off all orders of AFFINITY, Prima Matera, and Mineral B Collections placed by July 31st (excluding Mineral B PRO) 

*Promo code: BASTILLE15

de Buyer carbon steel featured in bloomberg

Featured in a Bloomberg article, a Parisian General Store with an important message sells de Buyer's Mineral B Carbon Steel Pans. The store's message: Buy Less! All items sold at the store are meant to be repaired, reused, or passed on. The owner, Caroline Morrison, has included Mineral B Carbon Steel because they are built to last and have a lifetime guarantee - so you won't have to keep replacing your cookware every few years! 

Retailer SPOTlight

Featuring: Les Jardins de Bagatelle

Check out Les Jardins de Bagatelle in Middleburg, VA! This French Shop, owned by Nora Haddad, has always been very supportive of de Buyer and is the first store in the United States to carry to complete Signature Collection. The collection is displayed with elegant POS display pieces that help to draw attention to the products and their beauty. 

Some of Les Jardins de Bagatelle's best sellers include CHOC Extreme Nonstick from the Signature Collection, thanks to the de Buyer POS displays in store. Ask us about how de Buyer displays could help you boost sales in your store!

Want to be featured? Send us photos of your de Buyer display and let us know which de Buyer products your customers are loving! 

Because of an unprecedented rise in prices of raw materials, there will be an official price increase starting September 1st. 

Place your first orders now before the price increase!

about de buyer: our csr commitment

Since 1830, de Buyer has been headquartered in Val d'Ajol, France. Our factory is surrounded by beautiful forests, streams, and wildlife and one of our biggest goals is to protect and maintain the natural habitat where de Buyer calls home. Our philosophy, is respect: Respect for people, our partners, our customers, our employees, respect for the environment. A  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Label helps to identify companies who play a 

positive role in their community and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions. 

We recently were awarded the highest level of the CSR Commitment label: The Exemplary Level! 

Since the last time de Buyer was audited, we have continued to improve our sustainability efforts by:

-Building beehives to encourage pollination and use as an indicator of environmental health

-Planting new tree species to encourage reforestation, with 1,400 trees planted this year

 -Installing a water recycling system, reducing water consumption by 50%

-Using LED lighting throughout our offices and factory

-Recycling 100% of raw material waste 

...and more! 

Shopping with de Buyer means shopping for a more sustainable future.