Retail Highlights - September-October 2023

Seasonal Promos & Announcements

Try me Pan, Copper promo, fully forged cutlery by sister brand 32 Dumas 


Get 25% off one 8’’ fry pan when you buy one fry pan of 9.5’’ or bigger - within the same collection.

Minimum order: 3 x fry pan of 9.5’’ and bigger

One-to-one ratio, no limit

Applicable to all round fry pans of all materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, nonstick, copper)

Promo valid until 12/24/2023.



Induction and non-induction

Stainless Steel Handle

Promo valid until 10/31/2023

Conditions: open stock only



Cast iron handle



Brass handle

Our 3 copper collections are made of 90% copper with a stainless-steel lining. They feature different handles: brass (Inocuivre Service), cast iron (Inocuivre Tradition) or stainless-steel (Prima Matera). Prima Matera is available either non induction or induction ready. 


Premium Cutlery - Fully Forged knives, made in France since 1532
Available at Williams Sonoma, on our website and at selected specialty stores

Founded in the French town of Thiers by the Dumas family of master cutlers in 1532, the 32 Dumas brand holds a reputation for producing fully forged kitchen knives of the highest quality. Prioritizing durability, precision, and comfort, 32 Dumas blades are yet to be rivaled in their construction and reliability. 

Now a brand of La Brigade de Buyer, 32 Dumas was introduced to the US market in June 2023. 

Our first collection - Idéal Provençao, features a hand polished olive wood handle that boasts beautiful and unique wood patterns. The Ideal's distinctive elements are its shape and construction: its fully forged triangular blade and rounded bolster make it well balanced for increased comfort while handling. Its full guard and butt provide a safe and ergonomic fit in the hand. 

The assortment comprises 7 SKUs: 5 knives in open stock, 1 set of 4 steak knives, and a 6-piece block carrying 5 knives.

The line is perfectly priced, with the Chef 8' retailing at $149.00 and the block at $599.00.


  • Buy all five (5) individual SKUs, get 20% off paring knives (SKU 431485).
  • Get 5% off on sets when you buy four (4) sets or more.
  • Possibility to combine Arles Block Set (664285) and Steak knife set (441485).

Applicable to all new accounts for 32 Dumas (whether or not existing accounts of de Buyer)

For more information about de Buyer or 32 Dumas, please contact

Pierre Taillandier, BtB Sales Manager 

(C) (773) 456-4892    email:

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about de buyer: our csr commitment

Since 1830, de Buyer has been headquartered in Val d'Ajol, France. Our factory is surrounded by beautiful forests, streams, and wildlife and one of our biggest goals is to protect and maintain the natural habitat where de Buyer calls home. Our philosophy, is respect: Respect for people, our partners, our customers, our employees, respect for the environment. A  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Label helps to identify companies who play a 

positive role in their community and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions. 

We recently were awarded the highest level of the CSR Commitment label: The Exemplary Level! 

Since the last time de Buyer was audited, we have continued to improve our sustainability efforts by:

-Building beehives to encourage pollination and use as an indicator of environmental health

-Planting new tree species to encourage reforestation, with 1,400 trees planted this year

 -Installing a water recycling system, reducing water consumption by 50%

-Using LED lighting throughout our offices and factory

-Recycling 100% of raw material waste 

...and more! 

Shopping with de Buyer means shopping for a more sustainable future.