If you already have carbon steel in your kitchen, you know about its versatility and durability. While you might grab it to sear fish or fry an egg, there is so much more than these pans can do for you. Carbon steel is the preferred choice in many professional kitchens for a good reason. For those fans of carbon steel (or those new to this material), here are other ways to utilize these pans in and out of your kitchen. 

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Carbon Steel Is the Top Choice

There are so many benefits to carbon steel pans. They can seamlessly go from the stovetop to the oven without any worries. These pans hold their heat and have a naturally non-stick surface with proper seasoning. The more you cook with these pans, the better they will perform. However, if you are just using them to fry, you are missing out on so many delicious dishes. These versatile pans can perform various actions, including braising, searing, grilling, and more. 

Sear the Perfect Steak

Many people are used to cooking steak on the grill. However, getting that grill-type sear indoors can be challenging. With help from a carbon steel pan, you can sear a delicious steak. There are no temperature fluctuations to worry about with a de Buyer Mineral B Carbon Steel pan. It reaches high temperatures and retains the heat, allowing you to achieve the perfect maillard reaction, resulting in a decadent crust while sealing in the juices and moisture. If the center is not cooked to your preference, take the steak and pan to finish in the oven.  

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Grill To Table

Many people invest in a flat grill pan to cook meats and vegetables on the grill. However, you don't need all of that extra equipment when you have a de Buyer Carbon Steel Fry Pan. Since these pans are made with heavy gauge metal, they can handle high heat levels and you can place them directly on the surface of your grill without worrying about the pan warping. They will act like a grill tray, but even better! You can count on it to remain non-stick as you sear up proteins, roast veggies, and even bake on the grill!

A de Buyer country fry pan can also work as a wok. You can make fantastic stir-frys with the right crunch and flavor for every dish. While many people think about dinner on the grill, try starting your day with grilled sausages and eggs in your versatile carbon steel pans. The possibilities are endless with de Buyer's line of carbon steel pans. And because these pans are built so beautifully, they can go from the grill straight to the table, without dirtying any extra dishes… just be sure to use a trivet! 

While grill trays can be bulky and hard to move around the grill, you will never have those issues with a fry pan. With comfortable handles and being more lightweight than cast iron, these are an ideal option to place on the grill. You can make tasty meals in a matter of minutes. Since you already love your carbon steel pan, you probably cook with it on a daily basis. There is no need for additional grill pans that are only used occasionally. You want to cook with a familiar product. Don't be afraid to take your carbon steel outside to grill up a delicious meal.

Get crispy, juicy chicken by using carbon steel pans

Ideas for Your Next Meals

Summer is coming, and you don't want to miss out on the fantastic weather. Don't spend your time cooking in the kitchen. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and sunshine and take your meals on the go with these grill-to-table options

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Take Breakfast Outside

When looking for new ideas for your skillet grill, eggs are not at the top of many people's lists. These breakfast foods are often cooked inside. But think about the fantastic smoky flavors you can achieve when cooking on the grill, especially if you throw bacon on the side. Carbon steel can even help you get a crispy edge on the egg. In addition to that, these pans evenly distribute heat, so there are no issues with uncooked yolks or whites so you can cook your eggs to your preference every time. Grilling is often seen as an evening activity, but you can start your day off right by cooking eggs on your grill. The Blue Carbon Steel Frying pan is a great option to bring on a camping trip because it is lightweight, and offers a much smoother surface for cooking eggs than you would find on a cast iron pan.


Cook Crispy Chicken

Who doesn't love biting into a crispy piece of chicken? Rubbery skin on a chicken breast or thigh can ruin a great meal. It can be hard to achieve that perfect texture for your poultry when grilling outside. The heat can dry out the meat or the skin can become burned. You can get the ideal texture with more flavor by using a carbon steel pan. Preheat the carbon steel pan and place it on your grill for the best results. The non-stick surface and high heat will ensure juicy, tender, and golden brown chicken every time you fire up the grill. 


Roast Those Veggies

Grilling vegetables is the same concept as steak. You want a caramelized outside with a tender center. Placing these ingredients on direct heat will only guarantee a burned surface. Allow those veggies to get a caramelized surface while keeping all flavors. Carbon steel retains the heat, ensuring even cooking for your vegetables.

Use your carbon steel pan as a wok

Create Amazing Stir-Fries

Did you know that carbon steel is the same material that woks are very commonly made of? While you could purchase a separate wok, why not use your carbon steel pan for even better results! Crispy vegetables are the best part of the stir-fry. These pans remain hot, giving you the perfect texture for your rice, meats, and vegetables. You can get the ideal stir-fry with help from a well-heated country fry pan.


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Plenty of Uses for Your Carbon Steel

Many people use their carbon steel pans for simple meals. However, you can unleash the full abilities of your carbon steel by taking it to the grill or using it as a wok. These versatile pans are guaranteed to turn any ingredients into a delicious meal. 

Are you ready to try out these other uses for your carbon steel cookware? First, you need the right pans. We have high-quality carbon steel pans at de Buyer to help you get the perfect results for your meals.