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A chef's baking drawer is their tool chest. One must have the exact tools needed for each step of every recipe. Put together a complete set with de Buyer's comprehensive line of artisan bakeware. We've thought of everything in handcrafting a wide range of tools that will serve you through whipping eggs for meringue, scraping each drop of cake batter from the bowl, and adding a final touch of whipped cream to a parfait. 

Attention to detail is where we excel. de Buyer crafts each piece with you in mind, infusing your time in the kitchen with ease and enjoyment. In creating bakeware, we consider how our utensils will fit and feel in your hand, how our tools can produce ideal results, and how to make clean-up simple. de Buyer design with integrity: our bakeware is destined to become your family's heirlooms, passed on to bakers for generations to come. 

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Perforated Round Tart Ring Height 0.8"
  • From $13.95
LE TUBE Pastry Gun + 13 Cookie Discs
  • $99.95
KWIK Piston Funnel Black
  • $79.95
Dough Scraper
  • $2.95
Perforated Aluminum Baking Sheet
  • From $29.95
AIRMAT Perforated Silicone Baking Mat
  • From $22.95
High-Temperature Spatula
  • From $6.95
Mixing Bowl Flat Bottom
  • From $24.95
Perforated Pizza & Tart Sheet
  • $20.95
Aluminum Baking Sheet
  • From $24.95
Square Expandable Cake Frame
  • From $49.95
Double Boiler Bain-Marie
  • $74.95
Reusable Pastry Bag and 2 Tips
  • $29.95
Round Expandable Cake Frame 7" x 14"
  • From $34.95
GÖMA Universal Whisk
  • From $19.95
Silicone Baking Mat
  • From $29.95
Perforated Fluted Round Tart Ring
  • From $23.95

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Baguette Pan
  • $24.95