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Copper Mixing Bowl

Copper Mixing Bowl

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These half-round copper mixing and beating bowls are the traditional utensils used by professionals to beat egg-whites, until stiff. Thanks to copper the egg-whites are beaten quicker, as a result, they are whiter and stiffer. 

  • Made of solid copper 
  • Loop handle on the side 
  • Traditional shape to add air in the mixture 
  • Open rolled-edge for hygiene and functionality 
  • Made in France
  • Diameter: 8" / 10.25" 
  • Thickness: 1.2mm 
  • Weight: 2lbs / 2.4lbs 


  • For intensive use 
  • Clean with water and soap
  • Use white vinegar to remove oxidation
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    • Made from solid copper, this mixing bowl is traditionally used by professionals to beat eggwhites. The rounded shape helps to fold in air to make eggs, batters, etc. extra light and fluffy. With a capacity of 2.4qt, the 8" copper mixing bowl is great for beating 8-10 egg whites
      • *Handmade in France. 100% Copper. Cast iron handles.
      • *Diameter: 8"
      • *Weight: 2lbs
      • *Capacity: 2.4qt
      • *1.2mm thick


  • Use & Care

    • Not dishwasher safe. Oven safe. Let copper cool before washing. Handash with soap and water, do not use any harsh or abrasive products. Use our copper cleaner to maintain color and shine. Soak in water and white vinegar to remove oxidation. Not induction safe.
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