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We create superior carbon steel pans that are durable and technical in design to ensure precision and long use.

Our Carbon Steel Cookware is Made with
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Who We Are

We’ve been here for 200 years designing and manufacturing utensils for
catering professionals and home cooks


We’re committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We provide high-quality, ethically sourced products that are durable.


We are passionate about our work in the culinary industry. We’re always striving for perfection and creating the same excellent quality for catering professionals and private use. 


We value authenticity and greatly respect our French culinary traditions and local heritage. We demonstrate this by how we do business and the quality of products we produce.

Discover Perfection

Elevate your cooking with our Carbon Steel that blends Cast Iron and Stainless Clad for a non-stick, heirloom-quality surface.
  • Naturally NonStick
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with Induction Hobs
  • Durable
  • Hybrid Perfection
  • Excellent Heat Conductivity
  • Responsive
  • Get the Perfect Sear
  • Steel Wool Safe
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Naturally NonStick

With use and seasoning, your Carbon Steel Cookware will develop nonstick properties. The fats and oils you use will enter the pores of this cookware, and over time, it will build layers of oil until your pans become nonstick with a slick patina.


With our Carbon Steel Cookware, you don't have to worry about which cooktop you're using. This versatile cookware can be used on gas or electric cooktops. It is also oven-safe for up to 1200° F. Our Carbon Steel Cookware can also be used on your open campfire or other outdoor cooking ventures. 

Compatible with Induction Hobs

Induction cooktops only work when in contact with magnetic metals - fortunately, our Carbon Steel Cookware is made of ferromagnetic material. So, it can be used on induction hubs. Your cookware can go between different cookers depending on recipe requirements.


Carbon Steel is astonishingly strong, made of 99% iron and 1% carbon. It is also malleable and flexible enough to be pressed into cookware without cracking. This cookware will last lifetimes despite kitchen mishaps. It won't bend, break, or warp, and there's no nonstick coating to peel off or wear away. 

Hybrid Perfection

Our Carbon Steel Cookware is the extraordinary combination of cast iron and stainless steel. It has the seasoning, searing capabilities, and heat retention of cast iron, and the heat control and lightweight construction of stainless steel. Our Carbon Steel Cookware is the perfect hybrid.

Excellent Heat Conductivity

This cookware heats up quickly and can withstand high heat. This high heat tolerance is especially useful for cooking steaks, burgers, and other meats that may need intense heat for a good sear. No matter where you’re using it, our cookware can take the heat without damage. 


Our Carbon Steel Cookware gives you the control you need by being quick to respond to changes in temperature. So, when you turn the nob, you get a quick response from your cookware, it heats up and cools down quickly - no more over or under cooking. 

Get the Perfect Sear

Enjoy the best steak of your life with our Carbon Steel pans. They are perfectly constructed to get hot and stay hot - the exact conditions for the perfect sear. This also works well for other meats, fish, eggs, and vegetables. 

Steel Wool Safe

You can clean your Carbon Steel cookware by wiping it out with paper towel, using oil and salt, boiling water, or with steel wool. Use steel wool sparingly and gently, but if your Carbon Steel cookware does get scratched, it’s no problem. Scratches will fill in and enhance the pans’ seasoning.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Carbon Steel line has a lifetime guarantee. These are heirloom products that may be passed down through generations.

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