Celebrating Candlemas: A Journey Through French Tradition and Culture

As February 2nd approaches, France prepares to embrace one of its most cherished traditions: Candlemas, or "La Chandeleur" in French. This day, rich in history and festivity, goes beyond mere crepe flipping. It's a cultural immersion, a celebration deeply rooted in French heritage, and a delectable delight that stretches across generations. 

The Origins: A Blend of Pagan and Christian Traditions

Candlemas dates back to ancient times, intertwining pagan rituals and Christian beliefs. Originally, it was celebrated as a festival of light, marking the midpoint of winter, halfway between the shortest day and the spring equinox. This pagan tradition was later Christianized, becoming a feast to commemorate the presentation of Jesus Christ in the temple.

Interestingly, the tradition of making crepes is said to have been inspired by this transition from darkness to light. The round, golden crepe symbolizes the sun, hinting at the coming spring and the renewal of nature. 

Crepes: The Heart of Candlemas 

In France, Candlemas is inextricably linked with the making and eating of crepes. This custom is not just about indulging in these delicious, thin pancakes; it's steeped in superstition and tradition. It was believed that if you could successfully flip a crepe while holding a coin in your other hand, you would be prosperous for the year ahead.

Today, families and friends gather in their homes, each taking turns to flip crepes and hoping for good fortune. The crepe, in its simplicity and warmth, brings people together, creating a sense of unity and joy. 


Make sure you have everything you need to make the perfect crepe for la chandeleur!

Beyond Crepes: A Reflection of French Values

Candlemas encapsulates several key aspects of French culture: a deep respect for tradition, the love of good food, and the importance of community. In a world that's constantly rushing, Candlemas invites us to pause, to celebrate the past, and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

In essence, Candlemas is more than just a day on the calendar in France; it's a reflection of the French spirit. It embodies the warmth, the conviviality, and the culinary excellence that France is renowned for.

As we celebrate Candlemas, whether in France or elsewhere in the world, we're not just flipping crepes; we're partaking in a centuries-old tradition that bridges the past and present, inviting us to savor the moment, one crepe at a time. 

Our tips for the best Crepes

  • Choose the right sized pan for your heating surface: if the latter is smaller than your pan, your crepe won't cook properly at the edges. 
  •  Brush the pan with a generous amount of oil. 
  • It's important to heat your steel pan before cooking your first crepe to stop the latter sticking: make sure it's warm enough by pouring in a few drops of batter, which should start to harden immediately. Leave the batter to cook for just 30 to 40 seconds on the first side. When there is no more liquid batter, turn the crepe over using a wooden spatula and cook the other side for 10 to 20 seconds. This will keep it beautifully soft. 
  • Steel pans will gradually darken as they are used to make delicious crispy golden crepes.


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