dB Insider Program by de Buyer



Introduction to the Program

  • Every month or so, we offer products (or groups of products) for review to the Members of our Insider Club. They can be existing products in our line, new products in pre-launch mode, or prototypes
  • The program is totally free of charge for our reviewers, who receive brand new products in exchange of their honest and unbiased feedback and review.
  • There is no catch or strings attached: you are free to join and leave the program at anytime!
  • This program is reserved to our Members only and you need to be on our opt-in list (accepting marketing and emails... otherwise we can't get in touch with you!)
  • Members apply and the de Buyer Team selects reviewers according to specific criteria
  • Within about 2-3 weeks after receiving their product, we expect our reviewers to answer a few questions describing their experience and submit their honest and unbiased review. Sharing your experience on social media is not mandatory but greatly appreciated!
  • Your information is safe with us and will never be shared with any third party. Your feedback is extremely precious, and allows us to keep improving our products.


What is dB Insider program? What is the Internal Testing & Review Program? How do I join?

de Buyer dB Insiders Program enables its members to access valuable perks, and to participate in our Internal Testing & Review Program: by invitation only, this program allows members to try products in exchange for a detailed evaluation and honest reviews. Reviews help other guests make educated purchase decisions on debuyer-usa.com. de Buyer does not influence the opinions of its DB Insider members, nor do we modify or edit reviews, as long as they follow our Review Writing Guidelines. All reviews collected through this program will be labeled as such on our website. You can become a DB Insider Member by filling in the membership form. The Testing and Review Program is by invitation.

Which products do you offer through the Testing & Review program of dB Insider?

Our team carefully selects products to include in the program, from our entire collection of cookware, bakeware and preparation tools. We base our selection on what we want our members’ valued opinion on most. It can be available products, upcoming launches or prototypes. All products are new and meet the US standards. 

Are members required to write positive reviews to participate?

Although we like positive reviews, this is not how it works. We expect our members to provide authentic and genuine evaluations, and write unbiased, honest & authentic reviews. All dB Insider evaluations will be carefully looked at internally; all evaluations, positive or negative, help us improve our products and customer experience. 

Do dB Insider members get paid for writing reviews? Do dB Insider members have to pay for the program?

No. Members are not paid to participate in the program or to write reviews. Members will receive free products in exchange for completing an evaluation and writing a review. There is no pressure or expectation to write positive reviews, and negative reviews do not affect membership in the program. Also, members do not have to pay anything to be a part of this program.

How does de Buyer use dB Insider member evaluations and reviews ?

Product evaluations coming from our dB Insiders are carefully studied, and feedback is shared with our marketing and product quality teams. dB Insider reviews will appear on the relevant product detail page on www.debuyer-usa.com along with other customer reviews. dB Insider reviews are distinguished from others with a special note. All reviews are moderated to ensure compliance with Review Writing Guidelines. In addition, dB Insider members reviews might be used for marketing purposes by de Buyer, either in print or digital.

Are de Buyer employees or affiliates eligible to become dB Insiders members?

Unfortunately no. de Buyer employees & contractors, de Buyer affiliates & de Buyer suppliers are not eligible to be members or to participate in the Internal Testing & Review Program.

Are there any specific conditions to be a Member and join the Internal Review Program?

Anyone can join our dB Insider Program but only the members meeting these requirements will be considered: you need to be in the US, with a physical shipping address in one of the 50 contiguous States. PO Boxes cannot be accepted. You need to be 18 or older, and cannot be affiliated with de Buyer. Members who do not meet our Internal Review Guidelines will be excluded from the Program.