Carbon Steel - The one pan you need

Carbon steel pans are loved by Chefs and home cooks because they are easy to use and perfectly cook food to fit any diet, culture, or cuisine. Our Mineral B line - The Original Carbon Steel Pan – is a #1 best seller with over 15,000 5-star reviews and has been rated “Best Carbon Steel Pan Overall” in the media. You can find de Buyer’s carbon steel in professional kitchens all around the world because de Buyer does it best. We have been making these pans for almost 200 years and have perfected the craft to deliver the best quality carbon steel for your kitchen. 

Which Carbon Steel is right for you?

  • Stylish design, part of The Signature      Collection
  • Oven, grill safe
  • Thick-gauge 2.5-3mm carbon steel
  • Lighter than cast iron
  • Fast and even heat conductivity
  • Stainless steel handle specially                designed with heat-stop technology
  • Induction-ready

  • Offers a variety of specialty pans and sizes up to 14"
  • Thick-gauge 2.5-3mm carbon steel
  • Lighter than cast iron
  • Fast and even heat conductivity 
  • Long, French-curved handle, oven and grill safe up to 450F (10 mins)
  • Double stainless steel handles are fully oven and grill safe 
  • Induction-ready

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Thinner-gauge carbon steel
  • "Blued" with heat treatment for rust resistance and durability
  • Long, French-curved handle, oven and grill safe up to 450F (10 mins)

Voted "Best Overall" By Cnn underscored

de Buyer's Mineral B Carbon Steel was rated "Best Carbon Steel Pan Overall" By CNN Underscored. The 3mm thick metal construction adds to the durability and longevity of these pans and makes them resistant to warping. Many customers call their Mineral B Pans their "kitchen workhorses" because they can be used for almost anything.

Benefits of Carbon Steel

Thick and heavy-duty 


Lighter than cast-iron

Naturally nonstick

No toxic chemicals or coating

Heats up quickly and evenly 

Grill Compatible

Our Carbon Steel Pans are all made in France and come with a Lifetime Warranty!

season it 

Once you receive your carbon steel pan, the first thing you will want to do is wash and season it. After 2-3 rounds of initial seasoning, you can start cooking with it! Check out our blog  for Everything You Need to Know About Seasoning.

cook with it

After your new pan has been seasoned, it is time to start cooking with it. The more you use carbon steel, the better it gets. The seasoning will continue to build up and get better as you use it, just try to avoid acidic ingredients! 

care for it

Carbon steel will become a work-horse in the kitchen for you as long as you care for it properly. Hand-washing it, thoroughly drying it out and coating with oil before putting it away are key steps in maintaining your carbon steel. 

Carbon Steel vs Cast iron

What are the differences?

There may be room in your kitchen for both cast iron and carbon steel. But if you want a chef-approved, versatile piece of cookware for everyday use, consider carbon steel pans. These pans have all of the best attributes of cast iron and take the cooking experience up a notch. 

With de Buyer Carbon Steel...
  • You can control how your pan is seasoned, and with your oil of choice
  • You'll have more maneuverability since it is more lightweight than cast iron
  • Its smooth surface makes for a better nonstick cooking surface
  • You have better temperature control since it heats and cools quicker than cast iron

as featured in

"A Stovetop showpiece"

"Best Carbon Steel Pan Overall"

"It cooked well immediately after my first seasoning"

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