Are de Buyer CHOC pans made in France?

Yes, all our CHOC pans are made in France, in our own factory located in the beautiful region of Vosges. The de Buyer factory has been in operation since 1830, and mixes tradition and state-of-the art technology.

Are there any chemicals in the de Buyer CHOC line?

Our CHOC pans are compliant with the US regulation and are both PFOA and PFOS-free. They are made of high quality, food-grade PTFE. We use the latest generation of PTFE coating to get the highest quality and durability on the market.

What makes the de Buyer CHOC different from other nonstick pans?

Our CHOC line uses a high-quality nonstick coating made of 5 layers for superior resistance against scratches and wear and tear. It resists higher temperature than regular nonstick frypans. Most nonstick pans on the market are much thinner, hence more fragile. Our CHOC Intense is coated on both the inside and the outside of the pan, for a safe use in the dishwasher (although we always recommend washing your CHOC pans by hand).

Can I use the CHOC with any cooking surface?

The CHOC Induction and CHOC Intense can be used with all cooking surfaces including induction. The CHOC line is not to be used with induction stovetops

Do the colored handles have any use?

This line of CHOC pans with the colored handles was initially developed for restaurant chefs, following the HACCP regulation: the red handle is to cook meat, the blue handle pan is for fish, and the yellow is for vegetables. The color coded handles are also much appreciated by people with allergies, since they can keep their food separate.

Is it safe to use high temperatures to cook in a nonstick pan?

Aluminum nonstick pans such as our CHOC heat evenly and are designed to simmer, reheat or re-cook food, so it's not recommended to cook at full power on the stove. In addition, cooking at moderate temperatures helps preserving the non-stick capabilities of the coating.

How do I clean my CHOC pan without damaging the coating?

After cooking, allow the non-stick pan to soak to remove any residue. Then, clean by hand with dish soap and a soft sponge. Let dry or wipe with a kitchen towel. Avoid abrasive sponges and powders which can damage the coating. Dishwashing is not recommended. Handwash is highly recommended to preserve the integrity of your coating.

What type of utensils should I use with my CHOC nonstick pan?

The use of metal or sharp-edged utensils is to be avoided because they damage the non-stick coating. We recommend using flexible or semi-rigid spatulas with rounded corners and made of synthetic material, or you can safely use wooden utensils

Can my CHOC nonstick pan go in the oven?

Our CHOC and CHOC Intense can be placed in the oven for up to 10 minutes at 390F.

What should I do to maintain optimal nonstick longer?

Here are a few tips to make your CHOC (and any nonstick pan) last longer: do not overheat, do not heat when empty, avoid thermal shock by gradually increasing the heat, and avoid heating at full power without warming it up first, avoid using the dishwasher or an abrasive sponge, use only flexible or wooden utensils.

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