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Blue Carbon Steel Perforated Outdoor Fry Pan with 2 handles

Blue Carbon Steel Perforated Outdoor Fry Pan with 2 handles

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Our Blue Steel Perforated Outdoor Fry Pan is perfect to cook small pieces on grills and BBQs. Made of blue steel, it reaches high temperatures to cook vegetables, shrimps and more to perfection: crispy on the outside while soft and juicy on the inside. Perforations are the right size to allow the smoke to circulate, and give a delicious smoked grill flavor to your food. No more pieces of vegetables that fall through the grates of your grill!

The 2 handles are comfortable and large enough to use with oven mitts so you don't burn yourself when taking it off the grill.

  • Made of blue steel 
  • Not chemically coated 
  • Nonstick after seasoning 
  • Made in France
  • Diameter: 11" 
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 2.9lbs


  • Season before first use 
  • Grill-safe up to 500°F
  • Hand wash recommended

    • Perfect for use on the grill or on an open fire, this Blue Steel Perforated Pan the best way to grill sliced and diced veggies without worrying about the pieces falling through your grill grates. Try this unique perforated blue steel fry pan with veggies, scallops, shrimp and other seafood, roasted nuts, and so much more! With stainless steel handles, this pan is also totally oven safe!
      • Made of Blue Steel (Iron and Carbon) 
      • Naturally nonstick after seasoning without any chemical coating
      • 2 stainless steel handles 
      • Perforated cooking surface allows for small pieces of food to be grill without falling through the grates
      • 2mm thick
      • Diameter: 11"
      • Weight: 2.9 lbs
      • Made in France

  • Use & Care

    • • Follow seasoning instructions for a naturally nonstick cooking surface
      • Do not soak
      • Handwash only
      • Dry thoroughly to avoid rusting
      • Grill safe up to 500F
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