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Copper Cannele Mold

Copper Cannele Mold

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Originated in Bordeaux, France, canneles are a staple found across the country. The perfect cannele consists of a crunchy exterior with a moist and rich interior. The de Buyer copper cannele molds are the perfect vessel to ensure that crispy golden crust.
  • Perfect heat distribution and conduction for a perfect caramelization
  • Traditional tinned copper mold


  • Handwash only
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    • Copper is the most heat conductive material to cook with. The copper heats rapidly and cools quickly when removed from heat, which is why these copper cannele molds are able to make the perfect crispy, golden caramelized cannele crust. Play around with these molds and try making some mini muffins with a beautiful geometric shape too!

      • *100% Copper
      • *Diameter: 2"
      • *Height: 2"
      • *1.2mm thick


  • Use & Care

    • Not dishwasher safe. Oven safe. Let copper cool before washing. Handash with soap and water, do not use any harsh or abrasive products. Use our copper cleaner to maintain color and shine. Soak in water and white vinegar to remove oxidation.
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