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LE TUBE Classic 6 Tips & Support

LE TUBE Classic 6 Tips & Support

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Classic set of 6 tips in Tritan, suitable for Le Tube or any pastry bags. 

  • 3 plains: 6mm, 11mm & 13mm
  • 3 stars: 5mm, 8mm & 13mm


  • Reinforced teeth for accurate work
  • Easy to insert in the bag
  • Easy to store with support included
  • Support & tips are dishwasher safe 
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    • Decorate your cakes and desserts with these frosting tips. Classic, plain tip nozzles are great for piping, outlining, writing, letters, dots, circles and free-form. Use star tip nozzles to add texture and make different sized flowers, stars, shells and puffs.
      • *Plain tips: 6mm, 11mm, and 13mm
      • *3 plain tips: 6mm, 11mm & 13mm
      • *3 star tips: 5mm, 8mm & 13mm
      • *Made with clear, durable, BPA-free Tritan
      • *Reinforced teeth for accurate work


  • Use & Care

    • • Reinforced teeth help to ensure more accurate work
      • The pieces are easy to insert into a pastry bag or the Le Tube
      • Easy to store with support included
      • Dishwasher safe
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