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Copper Cleaner

Copper Cleaner

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de Buyer copper cleaner cleans and polishes copper while restoring its natural color and shine. This mild formula removes tarnish, erases discoloration and rinses off easily.
  • 5oz
  • Sponge included


  • Wet the sponge with hot water & dip it in the cleaner
  • Rub the copper part of the pan with the sponge 
  • Rinse with hot water and dry it carefully
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de Buyer guarantee

    • Use the included sponge, formula and hot water to rub, buff, polish and clean your copper pots, pans, mugs and kitchen accessories.
      • "5oz
      • "Sponge included
      • "Mild formula, easy to rinse


  • Use & Care

    • • Wet a non-abrasive sponge or washcloth with hot water, dip into the container to apply a small amount of the cleaner
      • Spread the cleaner onto the copper with the sponge or towel and rub the surface of the copper
      • Rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly
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