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FK2 Utility / Steak Knife

FK2 Utility / Steak Knife

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The utility knife is essential for every kitchen. Used by chefs and home cooks alike, the knife offers great control for peeling, turning and slicing even the smallest ingredients.
    • Adjustable balance handle
    • Built-in counterweights
    • Carbon fiber composite handle
    • Made of German stainless steel
    • 17˚ angle blade
    • Thick tang for durability
    • Solid one-piece bolster
    • Length of the blade: 5.5"
    • Total length: 10.5"
    • Width: 0.8" 
    • Weight: 0.3lbs

    USE & CARE

    • Handwash recommended 
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    de Buyer guarantee

      • Use this for slicing meat and cutting steak as well as for chopping veggies, fruits and herbs. This knife is perfect for cutting sandwiches as well as slicing and splitting bagels and rolls.
        • *Comfortable and adjustable balance handle
        • *Built-in counterweights
        • *Carbon fiber composite handle
        • *Made of German stainless steel
        • *17˚ angle blade
        • *Thick tang for durability
        • *Solid one-piece bolster
        • *Length of the blade: 5.5"
        • *Total length: 10.5"
        • *Width: 0.8"
        • *Weight: 0.3lbs


    • Use & Care

      • • Carefully handwash with soap and water
        • Sharpen when needed
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