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  • About this product

    • Our KOMI Mandoline slicer is so easy to use that you'll end up using it all the time! Fresh salads, fruit bowls, vegetables, sautes or gratins, potato or beets chips (or else!), cold cut or cheese platters… with an adjustable thickness setting, the Mandoline KOMI is your new kitchen staple.
  • Description

    • The Komi Japanese slicer is a user friendly and ultra-compact food cutter that you can use to cut directly onto your plate. This smaller version of our larger Mandolines features an integrated horizontal blade and has extraordinary capabilities: you can slice any type of fruit or vegetables, as well as cheese or cold cuts, and you can also choose the julienne mode. Choose the desired thickness by twisting the side button.
  • Product Specifications

      • Slicing: adjustable thickness from 0-5mm
      • 2 juliennes blades included 2-4mm
      • Protective food guard
      • Comes with a compact storage box
      • Length: 10.6"
      • Width: 4.4"
      • Height: 1.3"
      • Weight: 1lbs
  • Use & Care

    • •Protective pusher included
      •Handwash only
      •Compact and easy to store
      •Use knob to adjust thickness of slices from 0-5mm
  • Shipping & Returns

    • All our products usually ship within 24 hours, domestic only. Free ground shipping on all domestic orders of $99 and over.
      Returns are accepted on a case by case basis.

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Founded in 1830 in the Vosges region
in France, this is where every de Buyer utensil is conceived, engineered, and
manufactured. Using the most advanced materials and cutting-edge innovations,
our cooking, pastry, and slicing utensils are made to put a smile on every
face, from the stove to the table. 

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