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LE TUBE Starter 6 Tips & Support

LE TUBE Starter 6 Tips & Support

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Starter set of 6 tips in Tritan, suitable for Le Tube or any pastry bags. 

  • 3 plains 3-8-15mm
  • 3 stars 3-8-18mm


  • Reinforced teeth for accurate work
  • Easy to insert in the bag
  • Easy to store with support included
  • Support & tips are dishwasher safe 
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    • Use star tip nozzles to add texture and decorate your cakes, pastries and cookies with different sized flowers, stars, shells and puffs. The classic, plain tip nozzles are great for piping, outlining, writing, letters, dots, circles and free-form.
      •   3 plain: 3mm, 8mm & 15mm
      •   3 star: 3mm, 8mm & 18mm
      •   Made with clear, durable, BPA-free Tritan
      •   Reinforced teeth for accurate work

  • Use & Care

    • • Reinforced teeth help to ensure more accurate work
      • The pieces are easy to insert into a pastry bag or the Le Tube
      • Easy to store with support included
      • Dishwasher safe
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