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3-Pan Set - LOQY System

3-Pan Set - LOQY System

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This set of 3 stainless steel saucepans is equipped with a removable French-style curved handle. Its simple attachment system allows for a one-handed application, with two attachment points to provide extra stability. Designed with the same comfort and precision as the de Buyer fixed handle pans, the LOQY collection doesn’t compromise on perfect cookware performance.

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    • The LOQY collection is perfect for taking your kitchen creations from cooking to serving, all in one pan! This set comes with one set of wooden handles that you can switch between multiple pots and pans, allowing you to maximize your kitchen space by stacking your pots and pans, then storing the handles separately. Additional LOQY handles available for purchase separately.

      These 6.3”, 8” and 9.5" stainless steel saucepans allow for rapid heat conduction and reactivity, making them perfect for boiling and reducing sauces, caramelizing foods, or making soups.

      Body: Stainless steel 3-ply construction
      Inner: 18/10 Stainless Steel
      Finish: Brushed Finish

      Handle: Beechwood

      •6.3" Sauce Pan
      •6.3" Glass Lid

      •8" Sauce Pan
      •8" Glass Lid
      •9.5" Stewpan
      •9.5" Glass Lid
      •Set of 2 Beech Wood Handles

      Seasoning Required: NO
      Oven Safe: YES (pans only.  LOQY removable handles must be removed)
      Heat Source: Gas, Induction, Electric


  • Use & Care

    • •Wash with soap and hot water before first use.
      •Dishwasher safe, but handwashing is recommended to keep your pan in best shape. Continuous use of the dishwasher can lead to potential alterations of the material.
      •Handle with care after long cooking times or oven use as the metal will get hot.
      •Oven Safe (PANS ONLY, do not put wood handles in oven)
      •Suitable for all heating sources, including induction.
      •When using with induction cooktops: match the size of the burner to the size of the pan, gradually increase the heat, do not heat empty
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