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MINERAL B Carbon Steel Egg & Pancake Pan Set of 4

MINERAL B Carbon Steel Egg & Pancake Pan Set of 4

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Enhance your kitchen with our set of four Mineral B Carbon Steel Egg and Pancake Pans. Each pan is expertly designed to create perfect, single servings of eggs, mini pancakes, or blinis. Made from durable carbon steel, these pans ensure quick heating and even distribution of heat, allowing for consistent cooking results. The compact size is ideal for individual portions, and their natural nonstick properties improve with each use, making cooking and cleaning effortless. This set is perfect for families or those who enjoy preparing multiple servings at once, providing the tools needed for a delightful breakfast spread.

Lifetime warranty.

  • About this product

    • Electric
      Oven Safe

      Our 4.75" Mineral B Carbon Steel Egg and Pancake Pan is perfect for those who enjoy precisely sized, single servings of breakfast favorites. This pan's petite size is ideal for cooking one egg or crafting small pancakes and blinis with uniform heat distribution. Made from durable carbon steel, it quickly reaches the desired temperature and maintains heat evenly, ensuring your meal cooks perfectly every time. The natural nonstick surface improves with each use, making cooking and cleanup a breeze.

       Body: Iron 99%, Carbon 1%
       Handle: Epoxy Coated Steel
       Finish: Beeswax Coating
       Handle Fixing: Riveted

      Diameter: 4.75"
      Cooking surface: 3.75" , 2.5mm thick
      Weight: 1 lb


  • Use & Care

    • Follow our instructions on first use to wash off the beeswax and season the pan. Handwash only, avoid harsh soaps and materials that will strip the seasoning. Can be used on all cooking surfaces including induction. Oven safe for up to 10 minutes at 400F.
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