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Perforated Aluminum Baking Sheet

Perforated Aluminum Baking Sheet

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This micro-perforated baking sheet with oblique edges is ideal for baking pastries, cakes, tarts, and many more. The best ally for your perforated silicone mat or silicone mold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Air System perforated bakeware?

Perforated bakeware refers to baking pans, tins, or molds that have small holes or perforations in the bottom and/or sides. These perforations allow for better air circulation and heat distribution during baking.

What are the benefits of using Air System?

What types of baked goods are best suited for Air System?

Do I need to adjust baking times when using Air System?

How do I prevent fillings from leaking through the perforations?

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