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Perforated Round Tart & Pie Mold

Perforated Round Tart & Pie Mold

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  • About this product

    • Use this mold and nonstick mat to create crispy, delicious tarts and pies. Use the mold with the or without – the micro-perforations ensure perfect heat distribution for crispy, golden crusts. Just place your tart or pie crust into the mold and then bake as normal. When done, remove the base and slide the finished pie/tart out of the mold or off the mat.
  • Description

    • Made of ultra-resistant, high-quality stainless steel, this perforated tart mold is ideal to prepare any sweet or savory tarts and pies with a professional twist: with a crisp crust and a soft, moist and fluffy inside. Conceived in partnership with pastry chefs, de Buyer perforated technology allows optimum heat circulation during the baking process. Eliminate too-dry or soggy crusts, lock in the perfect amount of moisture, and bake your tarts and pies to perfection. The baking mat and the removable base make removing your food simple and easy.
  • Product Specifications

      • *Designed for professional use
      • *Suitable for low, mid, or high-temperature cooking
      • *Even, optimized cooking thanks to the 2mm perforations
      • *Removable base for easy unmolding and cleaning
      • *Diameter: 11" 
      • *Height: 1"
      • *Weight: 1.2lbs


  • Use & Care

    • • Nonstick baking mat included for ease of use
      • Reuse the baking mat up to 200 times
      • Temperature resistant from -274°F to + 500°F
      • Use with or without the baking mat
      • Dishwasher safe
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