Spray on Nonstick Coating: What You Need To Know

One of the best cookware pieces for your kitchen set is a nonstick pan. These pans come in handy when you want to make a tasty meal and don’t have any oil.  You can make the best pancakes, eggs, or...

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One of the best cookware pieces for your kitchen set is a nonstick pan. These pans come in handy when you want to make a tasty meal and don’t have any oil. 

You can make the best pancakes, eggs, or seafood dishes with a nonstick pan. Also, these pans allow for easy cleanup after cooking, helping you to spend less time in the kitchen.

However, the magic only seems to stick around when you know how to care for a nonstick pan properly. For example, if you use a nonstick spray for lubrication, you’ll notice the magic slowly fade every time you use the pan. 

We can understand why someone would make this simple mistake; it’s double the power of keeping your food from sticking. Although, this doesn’t happen using the spray on a nonstick pan. So, to keep you from making this mistake, we’ll tell you everything about using a nonstick spray on a nonstick pan.


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What Are Nonstick Coatings?

Nonstick coatings are applied to kitchen appliances to keep food from sticking to the pan. The layers also help when it comes time to clean tough food items, such as cheese and eggs, off the pan.


Nonstick coating pans get covered with a material known as polytetrafluoroethylene. It is also known as Teflon and was first made in the 1930s. Carbon and fluorine atoms make up the synthetic chemical Teflon, which helps provide a nonsticking and non-reacting surface on the items it is used on. 

Can I Spray Nonstick Coatings on a Nonstick Pan?

 CHOC Country Fry Pan


We’ve all been there before, believing we have a great idea to use something to help make our lives easier. However, this mistake will lead to severe consequences for your nonstick pan. Most cooking sprays have a substance known as lecithin inside of them. 

It is a mixture of fats that can be found inside the human body and most foods such as soybean and egg yolks. The substance also provides the nutrient choline, similar to vitamin B.

So, the substance isn’t too bad for our human body, but it is unsuitable for your nonstick cookware. If you use too much cooking spray on your nonstick pan, the substance lecithin will eventually begin to stick to the surface of your cookware. 

In due time it’ll build up to a point making food stick to the pan and keeping you from being able to clean the pan. Then you’ll be stuck scrubbing eggs and cheese from your cookware, despite it being nonstick. And, of course, no one wants this.


What Can I Safely Use on Nonstick Pans?

With some dishes, you need a substance to help keep food from sticking, even if the pan is nonstick. What can you use on a nonstick pan, if you can't use a cooking spray?

You can still use cooking oil such as vegetable oil or olive oil on your nonstick cookware. Of course, you don't need a lot, just a little bit to prevent items from sticking. Also, you use whatever type of fat you prefer while cooking with a nonstick cooking pan.


Best Practices for Nonstick Pans

Now that you know not to use cooking spray on your nonstick pan, there are other practices you should remember to prevent from ruining your cookware. For one, when adding grease or fat to your pan, make sure to do it when the pan is still cold. This will allow the oil to enhance the nonstick effects before adding it to the food you're cooking.

Another practice you should remember is not to use metal forks or other cooking utensils when cooking. Instead, opt for wooden spoons or heated silicone spatulas; this will prevent stretches within your nonstick cookware. But with de Buyer nonstick cookware, there is no need to worry about scratches. Our pans are made with the highest quality scratch-resistant nonstick coatings.

Two more things you should remember when caring for your nonstick cookware: never cook on high heat, and don't add it to a dishwasher. Cooking on high heat with your nonstick cookware will cause the compounds in the pan to deteriorate, and so will putting it in a dishwasher. If you follow these tips, your nonstick cookware will last for years.


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Chef Recommended Nonstick Pans

 CHOC INTENSE Fry Pan de buyer pan


Cheap cookware from the grocery store only lasts for a while, and it can be hard to find the right cookware that matches your needs. However, we have the perfect nonstick pans for you to buy in the list below.



Choc Intense Fry Pan is beautifully designed to meet all of your cooking needs. A sturdy stainless steel French handle graces this 8-inch frypan, allowing you to hold the cookware with a firm grip perfectly. With a stainless steel base, the forged aluminum body is induction-compatible. The nonstick properties and scratch resistance make the frying pan superior to any other ones in the store. 



Induction-ready pans are useful cookware that'll make your cooking experience more enjoyable. Our Choc Induction Nonstick Fry Pan is the perfect cookware for making seafood, eggs, or chicken tenders. 

The pan comes with a beautiful french handle, keeping your hand safe while holding or transferring the pan. Also, with its 4.75-inch surface, you can cook enough for two or three people with this 8-inch pan. Lastly, the pan is made of the highest-quality scratch resistant 5-layer PTEF nonstick cooking surface that'll make your food taste like heaven. 


CHOC Country Fry Pan

When you need a pan for making sauce or sauteing vegetables, consider our Choc Country Fry Pan to get the job done. This one-skillet cookware has a unique design that reduces heat and helps keep food from sticking.

The pan is suitable for all heat sources except induction, and it is scratch resistant. Also, the pan is 9.5 inches and is meant for heavy use, making it the ideal cookware for one-skillet meals. Furthermore, the pan also has a scratch-resistant surface, making it durable for a long time.


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Never Use Cooking Spray on a Nonstick Pan

When using your nonstick pan, remember never to use cooking spray. The substance lecithin will build up over time, making removing food from your pan hard. Also, thanks to us, you have three options above to the highest-quality safe and long-lasting nonstick pans.