The Best Pots and Pans For Your Kitchen

A Simple Guide To Help You Decide Which Pots & Pans You Need


Whether you are looking to stock your new kitchen or refresh and upgrade your cookware, there are some items that are essential for every kitchen. These items could look different dependent on your needs. Are you usually cooking for a whole family or smaller meals for one or two? What may be right for others, may not suit for you. This guide is a starting point for filling your kitchen with the must-haves that will fit your specific cooking needs - we are here to help you narrow down your options and pick out the BEST, high-quality kitchen essentials to last a lifetime.

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Must have pieces

Different types of pots and pans are needed for various occasions, but there are some absolute essentials that you should keep on hand. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to upgrade your kitchen, look no further than our selection of stainless steel or copper cookware sets. Depending on budget, available space, and needs, we have a set for everyone. If you’re after the ultimate set, the ALCHIMY 9-piece set, has everything you need for every day cooking. Including 2 saucepans, 2 fry pans, 1 stew pan and 1 sauté pan, this set will complete any home chef's kitchen. Following this, the AFFINITY and ALCHIMY 5-piece sets and the INOCUIVRE 5-piece set, are great starting points for stocking your cabinets with the best cooking staples.

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Cooking for the family 

Making large meals to feed your whole family can be tough. Finding the cookware that’s right for you shouldn’t be. For anyone cooking for the family, a large pot is a must have! The ALCHIMY Stainless Steel Stewpan, ranging in size from 8” to 11”, is perfect for soups, stocks and stews to classic beef chili. Being stainless steel, this line of pots and pans is non-reactive, so nothing is off limits! You can make a one-pot pasta and red sauce meal, or get adventurous with a Greek Lemon Soup. For the extra busy weeknights, it's the perfect tool to quickly whip up a delicious box of Mac & Cheese - something that never disappoints. PRO TIP: use the measurement marks etched right on the inside of the ALCHIMY Stewpan to measure out your ingredients without dirtying any extra dishes.

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cooking for yourself
We all know the feeling of throwing away too many leftovers (it’s not a good one). Making a whole meal for yourself or one other can seem daunting, and getting the portion sizes right to avoid the excess leftovers is tricky. Having cookware that is the right size, easy to use, and cooks food to perfection helps change this mindset. For eligible bachelors or bachelorettes, empty-nesters, or anyone preparing smaller meals - every cook needs a trusty, small saucepan, like the AFFINITY Stainless steel saucepan. Available in 3 sizes, the 6” is perfect for cooking a tasty meal for 1-2 people. Like the stewpans listed above, these saucepans are great for anything from soups to pastas, and everything in between. Reliable and sturdy, these saucepans can easily go from stovetop to oven to create a variety of dishes. Being so versatile, you’ll find yourself grabbing for your small saucepans even when cooking for a dinner party, they are perfect for side dishes or sauces. 
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versatile pans for everyday use

Carbon steel pans only get better with time and, not to toot our own horn... they are pretty great right off the bat. Use them to sear, saute, brown and grill fom low to high temperatures, becuase they can handle the heat in the kitchen! They are up to 40% lighter than cast iron skillets but even more heat conductive. You’ll be pulling out your Mineral B carbon steel pans daily. The Mineral B PRO Fry Pan is essential for any kitchen, while the Mineral B Country Fry Pan, with one or two handles, offers higher sides, perfect deep frying, stir-frying, and more, while also doubling as a roasting pan. Our opinion... invest in both 😉

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a classic nonstick

From over easy eggs for breakfast to a late night grilled cheese snack, a classic nonstick skillet is a must have for any kitchen. The CHOC collections, made with a super smooth, nontoxic PTFE coating is the perfect nonstick to add to your repertoire. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes with the option of different color handles to ensure safe cooking for those with food sensitives, the CHOC nonstick line finds purpose in every home. Or make your nonstick really stand out in your kitchen with the CHOC Intense, made of forged aluminum for extra durability. With a stainless steel handle and a ferritic stainless steel base, the CHOC Intense collection is safe for use in the oven and on induction cook tops.

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take your kitchen to the next level

If you’ve already fully stocked your kitchen with the above essentials, consider something a little different to spice things up. The FORCE BLUE Blue Steel Crepe & Tortilla Pan is made from blued carbon steel and is great for honing in on your crepe skills or whipping up some homemade tortillas. But don't let the name of the pan limit you to what you can make with it - get a little creative with it and try out something new!

Be sure to check out our blog posts for recipe ideas and inspiration!

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 Check out our blog for some recipe ideas and inspiration for using de Buyer pots & pans in your everyday cooking