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JAVA Salt Mill Orange
JAVA Salt Mill Orange

JAVA Salt Mill Orange

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  • Description

    • Bring some style to your kitchen table with the 5.5-inch Java salt Mill. This classic wooden salt mill is carved from beechwood sustainably grown and harvested in France and lacquered with a shiny, bright orange colored finish. An eye-catching accent piece that is also functional, keep this mill close by to add a pop of color and spice up your food as needed. The adjustable stainless steel mechanism will suit anyone's salt preferences, whether it is coarse or super finely ground salt. The high quality stainless steel is engineered to resist corrosion, so this mill will last you a lifetime.
  • About this product

    • Add some freshly ground salt to any dish to add some extra flavor. Keep it by your spice rack to use while cooking, or keep right on the kitchen table in case your meal is lacking some saltiness. This elegant, hand-crafted 5.5" shiny, bright orange colored Java salt mill is the accent piece your kitchen has been missing and will add an eye-catching pop of color.
  • Product Specifications

    • Made in France. Carved from beechwood sustainably grown in France. Wood is coated in one coat of white lacquer and 3 coats of color with glossy finish for color that pops. Stainless steel mechanism, engineered to resist corrosion. Includes a knob to adjust size of grind. Height: 5.5" Weight: 0.3lbs
  • FAQ

    • Are your mills made in France?

      Yes! Not only are our mills made and assembled in our factory in France, but we also source our raw materials from France. The beechwood used to make our Java mills, and several other products comes from trees sustainably grown and harvested in the Vosges region of France.

      How do the mills work?

      Whether you are using a pepper mill or a salt mill, the knob at the top of the mill will adjust the size of the grind. For a finer grind, turn the knob clockwise, or tighten it. For a coarser grind, turn the knob counterclockwise, or loosen it.

      How do I re-fill my mill?

      To re-fill your salt or pepper mill, simply twist off the knob used to adjust the grind and remove the top of the mill the center with salt or pepper. The Java mills do not come with salt or pepper included, so you will have to follow these steps once you receive your mill.

      How do I know which mill is for salt and which mill is for pepper?

      To determine which spice your mill is meant for, check the knob at the top of the mill. Salt mills have the letter S etched into the knob, and the pepper mills have the letter P etched into the knob.

      Is fresh ground pepper from a pepper mill better than ground pepper bought from a store?

      YES! Using a pepper mill to freshly grind your pepper is the best way to release the full flavors of the pepper to make your meals tastier than ever.

      My mill does not seem to be working right, what do I do?

      First, make sure that your mill is not empty, if it is then fill it with the appropriate spice and try again. Confirm that you have the correct spice in each mill. If you have any other issues, please reach out to our customer service team.

  • Use & Care

    • Wipe clean with a damp towel when needed. Tighten the knob for a finer grind. Loosen the knob for a coarser grind. Salt not included. Not dishwasher safe.
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      Returns are accepted on a case by case basis.

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