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Beechwood Removable Handles - LOQY System

Beechwood Removable Handles - LOQY System

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  • About this product

    • This set of wooden removable handles is ideal for easily transporting your cookware from stovetop to table. Made of beech wood and equipped with stainless steel rivets, these handles are guaranteed to impress!
  • Description

    • Elevate your culinary and dining experience with LOQY Wooden Handles, the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication. Designed for modern kitchens where space is at a premium, our unique cookware system allows you to transition seamlessly from stovetop to tabletop with unparalleled ease. Thanks to the innovative mechanism, the LOQY Wooden Handles can be securely attached or detached in a snap, ensuring a sturdy grip for safe and confident handling.
  • Product Specifications


      Beech Wood

      Stainless Steel


      Oven Safe: NO
      Dishwasher Safe: NO

  • FAQ

    • Will this fit all pans?

      The LOQY removable handles are only compatible with LOQY cookware.

      How do I attach and detach the LOQY Handles?

      Attaching LOQY Handles is a breeze! For the stainless steel handle, simply align the handle mechanism with the pot's designated attachment points and secure it in place. For detaching, press or slide the release mechanism and gently remove the handle. For the side (wooden) handles, slide over the attachment points. Once in place, the handles are locked in for safe use. To remove, simply pull them sideways.

      Are these oven safe?

      LOQY handles are not oven safe.

      Are these dishwasher safe?

      LOQY handles are not dishwasher safe. Please wash gently by hand and do not soak in water.

  • Use & Care

    • •Always check that both side handles are clipped before handling your cookware.
      • Always use side handles in pairs.
      • Do not put side handles in the oven.
      • Do not leave the handles on while cooking.
      • Must not be in contact with flame
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How the LOQY System Works

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