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Cast Stainless Steel Removable Handle - LOQY System

Cast Stainless Steel Removable Handle - LOQY System

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      • Made from cast stainless steel, this removable handle prioritizes both technology and functionality. With a 3-point locking system, this handle is extremely safe, secure, and durable.


        Cast Stainless Steel
        Finish: Polished Finish


        Diameter: 6.3"
        Weight: .48 lb


        Oven Safe: NO
        Dishwasher NO

    • Use & Care

      • • Before using your handle for the first time: rinse it with clear water.
        • Always check that the handle is locked before handling your cookware.
        • Do not put the handle in the oven.
        • Do not to leave the handle on while cooking. Handle carefully after long cooking. Must not be in contact with flame.
        • NOT dishwasher safe.
        • Do not soak.
        • Occasionally grease the locking part on the bottom of the handle.
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