How to Clean Copper Cookware

Oh, the beauty of copper cookware! It makes for stunning presentation, is perfect for impressing guests, and brings some old-school nostalgia to cooking. It’s timeless and classic, but many feel th...

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How to Clean Copper Cookware
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Oh, the beauty of copper cookware! It makes for stunning presentation, is perfect for impressing guests, and brings some old-school nostalgia to cooking. It’s timeless and classic, but many feel that it looks best when its brand spankin’ new. 

There is something charming and comforting about older, well-loved copper with a built up patina, but when it’s newer we tend to want that sparkly shine. 

This can deter some from purchasing copper cookware, but don’t let it! We are going to walk through the five best ways to clean your copper cookware at home. 

Believe us when we say it’s easy and will become second nature in no time!

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1. Clean With de Buyer 

copper cleaning pasteImage

As producers of beautiful copper cookware, we had to ensure we had a product to keep it polished and stunning. The Copper Cleaning paste is perfect for buffing, polishing, and cleaning any copper pans, pots, mugs, or kitchen appliances. 

It easily and effectively restores any copper to its original beauty, natural color, and shine. It is made from a mild formula that removes tarnish and erases discoloration. 

To use, simply wet the included sponge or a washcloth with hot water, dip it into the cleaner container, and spread a little bit of the cleaner onto the copper.

 Rub the surface of the copper and rinse it dry with hot water. This cleaner works well on both the insides and outside of your copper cookware. 

2. Clean With Water and White Vinegar 

Cleaning copper cookware with water and vinegar is done slightly differently than one may expect. Adding heat into the mix helps to break down the tarnish and make your copper shine again. 

To do this, simply boil a ratio of 1:3 white vinegar to water in a large stock pot with a pinch of salt. Add your copper cookware and bring the liquid to a boil. Watch as the tarnish comes off. 

Once cleaned, rinse with water. If needed, follow up with the above de Buyer Copper Cleaning paste to get rid of any additional tarnish or use one of the following methods. 

Now that we have mentioned the de Buyer Copper Cleaning Paste and a combination of water and white vinegar, we need to make a quick prelude before jumping into our last three methods.  

Interestingly, acidic fruits, like lemons, help to remove the tarnish that builds up on copper overtime.  Given this, there are three main ways people use lemons to clean their copper cookware – so, let’s dive into it. 

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3. Clean With Lemon Juice and Cream of Tartar

cleaning copper with lemon juice

While you may not always have Cream of Tartar on hand, when combined with lemon juice to make a paste it can make a great cleaning paste for copper cookware so be sure to grab some! 

When using the lemon and Cream of Tartar combo, be sure to make a paste that will be thick enough to stick onto the cookware, but thin enough to spread over it.

 Let the paste sit on your pots for at least five minutes then wash them with soap and warm water. After a quick rinse you’ll have copper cookware that is sparkling!

4. Clean With Lemon Juice and Baking Soda


cleaning copper with lemon juice

 If you don’t have Cream of Tartar on hand, you can swap it out for baking soda. People swear by pastes created by baking soda and lemon juice as a copper cleaner. 

Just like the Cream of Tartar, look to create a paste out of the lemon juice and baking soda by mixing it together. 

To clean, use a clean cloth to scrub the paste into the copper cookware. In time, you will start seeing the dirty buildup disappear. 

Simply rinse it and follow it with some copper polish for an extra shiny appearance. 

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5. Clean With Table Salt and Fresh Lemon

cleaning copper with salt and fresh lemon

Now, if you don’t have Cream of Tartar or baking soda, you’re bound to have salt! The combination of salt and lemons also works wonders when it comes to cleaning copper cookware. 

To use this method, pour a hefty amount of salt over the outside cookware and then squeeze lemon juice over the salt. Allow for this to sit for a minute or two. 

Then comes the work, be sure to scrub the cookware to remove any tarnish or grime. 

Alternatively, pour some table salt onto a plate then cut a lemon in half and dip it into the salt. Following this, use the lemon as a scrubber to clean the outside of the cookware. 

In either method, the salt acts as an abrasive component to help scrub off any stains. Once done, clean your cookware with soapy warm water and rinse. You’ll be shocked by the result!

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How to Care for Copper Cookware

While now you know how to clean your copper cookware, let’s briefly touch on how to care for it between cleanings if you don’t want to embrace the natural patina that copper builds up. 

Be sure to never put copper in the dishwasher, while this can be tempting, it can ruin your cookware. In addition, make sure that you never leave it wet; wetness speeds up the oxidation process creating more tarnish. 

Another thing to consider is how you store them. It is ideal to store them in an area where they can avoid water, and spillage. 

There is something comforting and beautiful about worn copper cookware; embrace its vintage look and reminisce on all of the tasty food that it has provided for you!

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Choose The Best Way To Clean Your Copper Cookware

In conclusion, copper cookware can not only be stunning to look at but makes absolutely delicious food that you can serve right in it. 

While they should have a place in every kitchen, many get deterred when they start to tarnish or discolor. There is no need to fear this and cleaning them is relatively straight forward. 

Good cookware is something that you need to look after, but soon enough it will become part of your cooking routine. 

Curious to see the results when cooking with copper pots and pans? Start with a product you use often in your kitchen, replace it with a new deBuyer copper pan, and get ready to be amazed!