Top 10 Air System Products You Should Have From de Buyer

Since our inception in 1830, de Buyer has worked tirelessly creating cookware made from high-quality materials that introduce groundbreaking technology. Our Air System perforated bakeware products are no different. 

Created to ensure perfect baking results, the Air System Concept consists of a line of pastry rings, baking molds and trays that have perforations. The perforations allow a release in steam and excess air bubbles from pastry to produce golden, perfectly baked crusts every time. 

The concept, which was conceived alongside some of the best pastry chefs at l’Ecole du Grand Chocolate Valrhona, allows for optimum heat circulation during the baking process. 

Here are 10 Air System products you need in your kitchen. Although there are others available, these are some of our best-sellers and most highly praised Air System pieces.

 Available in various sizes and shapes, we’re excited for you to experience this new line. Get ready to say goodbye to the pans in your pantry because we are sure once you try these you will never reach for those old ones again. 

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10 Air System Products You Need In Your Kitchen

1. Perforated Round Tart and Pie Mold  


Your classic round tart and pie mold with fluted edges just got better. Swap out your grandmother’s old pie mold for the perforated round tart and pie mold and get your baking done even quicker than before. 

Made from stainless steel which is ultra-resistant and high quality, you can prepare both sweet and savory tarts and pies in this mold. The perforations are strategically placed to create a crispy crust that is still soft and moist inside. 

This mold, which is suitable for low, mid, or high-temperature cooking has a removable base and comes with 2 reusable non-stick baking mats for easy unmolding and cleaning. It is 11” in diameter, perfect for most pie and tart recipes. 

The magic will happen just in front of your eyes. When done, simply slide the finished tart out of the mold. 

2. Perforated Rectangular Tart Mold 

Looking for a different shape? This rectangular tart mold is so versatile. Use it to bake up pies or tarts in a shape that is so easy to serve up to guests. It is also perfect for making homemade granola or fruit bars.

Made from stainless steel, this perforated rectangular tart & pie mold will become your new go-to. It is easy to unmold and clean due to its removable base and the included reusable non-stick baking mat. 

You can use this tart mold with or without the included baking mat depending on what you are making. 

This tart mold is the perfect size to easily cut into individual portions and can create a variety of baked goods - even breads!

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3. Perforated Round Tart Ring - 0.8” height

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Perforated Round Tart Ring Height 0.8

Available in eleven sizes ranging from 2” to 11.25”, these tart rings will bake up the perfect crust every time. 

With a height of 0.8”, de Buyer worked with L’Ecole du Grand Chocolate Valrhona to create a tart ring that kept with the traditions created by French pastry masters and made a version that worked even better. 

These rings are ideal for both at home and professional use making you feel like a pro from home. 

Providing even heat distribution as it is made from 18/10 steel, golden crust is ensured with every bake. The perforations on the ring allow for steam to escape easily and for the tarts to become crispy on the outside. 

These rings are dishwasher safe and should be used with some kind of baking sheet and/or baking mat for support. 

4. Perforated Round Tart Ring - 1.4” height

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Perforated Round Tart Ring Height 1.4

As great as the smaller tart rings are, sometimes you need something just a bit deeper. The Perforated Round Tart Ring with 1.4” height is ideal when making delicious custard filled tarts or pastries. 

Like the shorter version, the perforations allow for steam to easily release from the tart resulting in a golden, fully baked through crust. Available in five sizes, ranging from 2” to 8”, these tart rings are multi-purpose. 

They can be used for hot or cold dishes, sweet or savory and even can be used as a cutter or mold for things like chocolate or sponge cake. 

Handmade in France and made with 18/10 sturdy stainless steel, these molds are easy to use and easy to clean. They are dishwasher safe and should be used with a baking sheet or mat for support. 

Perfect for quiches, custard tarts like Pasteis de Nata, or even as a mold to shape various food consistencies, these tart molds can be used for a variety of baked goods. You can always expect crisp, clean edges upon unmolding.

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5. Perforated Fluted Round Tart Ring 

Moving away from those crisp, clean, straight tart edges, our Perforated Fluted Round Tart Ring screams home baked goodness. While they’re easy enough to use at home, you can still produce high end bakery worthy tarts with this mold – we just love the rustic feel of a fluted edge. 

Available in three larger sizes, 8”, 9.5”, and 11” this tart ring is perfect for everything from a quiche or a vegetable tart to a berry pie or custard filled dessert. 

By baking on top of a baking sheet or mat or even on top of your favorite oven-safe tray, this tart mold is sure to release easily when done to reveal beautifully crisp, fluted edges. 

The perforations help provide the ideal heat conduction when baking any tarts or pies and we are sure this is about to replace even your grandma’s best hand-me-down tart pan.

6. Perforated Fluted Square Tart Ring 


One more tart ring that is sure to impress you and whoever is lucky enough to get taste your baked goods, our square fluted tart ring

Combining the classic fluted edges or our round tart ring with a unique square shape, you’ll surprise any dinner guest by bringing out a beautiful square tart either for dinner or dessert.

Perfect for cutting into squares, this tart ring will bake beautiful tarts every time that will wow your guests. The geometry of this tart ring is sure to impress. 

Like the circular version, we imagine beautiful quiches, pies or savory tarts being made with this ring. Similarly to the rest of the line, the perforations are strategically placed providing the perfect air circulation for the most beautiful golden crust. 

With the added bonus of the fluted design, the things you create with this tart ring will not only be delicious but will be absolutely beautiful!

7. Perforated Baguette Pan 


We know you were starting to think this line only consisted of tart and pie molds but boy, do we have a surprise for you. Get ready to perfect your bread at home and have freshly made baguettes whenever you want. 

Using our Perforated Baguette Pan is simplicity itself. Perfect for crispy baguettes that are still soft and spongy on the inside, this pan is made from a nonstick coated steel which prevents the dough from sticking. 

To use this pan, make your dough as usual, then instead of putting it into a standard pan or baking it on a cookie sheet, shape it into two baguettes. 

The two wells on this pan allow for efficient side-by-side baking while the perforations in the pan ensure perfect air conduction and moisture elimination. 

In addition, the extended edges on the pan make it easy to put in and take out of the oven. We’re seeing a ton of sandwiches coming up in your future!

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8. AIRMAT Perforated Silicone Baking Mat 

There’s a whole lot of talk about pie and tart molds and we have mentioned they can be used with or without a baking mat. While a few of them have special baking mats that line the mold, some of the molds do not have bottoms and you might be wondering what to bake your crusts on top of. 

This is why we created the AIRMAT Perforated Silicone Baking Mat. Available in two sizes 15.75” x 11.8” and 22.8” x 15.75, this silicone mat works perfect for any baking or roasting needs but is even more ideal when paired with the rest of the Air System line. 

Fitting on any standard baking sheet or our perforated pan, this mat is easy to clean. Use it to bake anything from choux to frozen croissants and end up with a golden pastry every time. 

The ventilated food grade, fiberglass-reinforced silicone fabric ensures air flow to encourage even cooking creating the ideal exterior and fully cooked through interior. 

 9. Perforated Aluminum Baking Sheet


Not only did we design a line of tart rings and molds and even a perforated baguette pan for all your baking and bread needs, but the line would not be complete without Perforated Aluminum Baking Sheets

Available in two sizes, 15.75” x 11.8” and 23.6” x 15.75”, these baking sheets pair perfectly with the perforated baking mat and are ideal to use as a base for any of the tart molds and rings. Use it to bake crisp, delicious cookies, tarts, and more with those perforated holes that we love so much. 

This high-grade aluminum baking sheet is used the same way you would use any other baking sheet. It can be used with or without a baking sheet or mat and will provide you with crispy, fully baked goods every time. 

Allowing for perfect heat distribution, using perforated pans are perfect for when you need to cook multiple things in your oven at once. These work great when you need to chill or freeze your creations as well! 

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