The de Buyer’s Thanksgiving Cookware Shopping Guide

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it's time to cook, but do you have all the cookware you need? Whether you cook for a small circle or a larger group, de Buyer has you covered. 

If you are looking for more aesthetically pleasing cookware to serve the best dishes to impress your friends and family or you realized you’re missing crucial cookware pieces for the big fest, we’ve gathered a quick list of some of the best cookware to prepare you for this Thanksgiving.

We've also included some quick tips to help you on your shopping journey to ensure you have all the cookwares and bakewares you need before the big day. 

Ready? Let's get started!

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Make Sure You Have The Cookware That You Need 

Thanksgiving is a great time to do an inventory check of your cookware because you need the right cookware to serve the best dishes for the feast.

There are many dishes that require specific cookware, therefore it is the perfect time to find out what you are still missing in the kitchen! Or, you might want to upgrade your cooking game with a new cookware set.

In either case, below is a quick list of high-quality yet affordable cookware we've selected for you that will come in handy during Thanksgiving.

The perfect roasting pan for your turkey is essential to your Thanksgiving feast. Our Affinity 5-Ply Stainless Steel Roasting Pan is perfectly designed to help cook your main dish.

The high-performing roasting pan is beautifully polished with 5-ply stainless steel construction and an aluminum inner layer to ensure precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution. The large cooking surface is ideal for roasting your turkey, or other types of meat, seafood, or a lot of veggies, and it's suitable for stovetop cooking if the heat source matches the size of the pan.

This gorgeous and high-performing roasting pan has a polished aesthetic, so all you have to do is dress your dish up with herbs and place it on the table to impress your guests!  If you still want more information, check out our roasting pan guide!

Do you need help finding the best cookware to help you prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal? Then, visit de Buyer USA to search our cookware sets, pots and pans, and bakeware for special gatherings during the holidays.

Are you making a pumpkin pie for dessert this Thanksgiving? Our Perforated Round Tart & Pie Mold will make your life much easier when baking your delicious pie. 

This perforated pie & tart mold is made from ultra-resistant high-quality stainless steel designed to prepare any sweet or savory tarts and pies with a crisp crust with a soft, moist, and fluffy inside. 

De Buyer's Air System's groundbreaking technology allows for the best possible heat distribution and steam evaporation when baking your pie or tart. 

The micro-perforations improve air circulation and promote fast and even cooking, locking in the moisture so that your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie comes out perfectly!

MINERAL B Carbon Steel Country Fry Pan 2 Handles

Our Mineral B Carbon Steel Country Fry Pan will help you cook the perfect veggies every time. With its high sides, you can use it for sauteing, deep frying, simmering, or stir-frying your vegetables. This versatile pan can also be used to cook a small turkey or chicken for your feast.  In addition, its two stainless steel handles make it perfectly oven safe and perfect for serving from kitchen to table.

This 99% iron and 1% carbon frying pan allows more heat to travel through it than traditional stainless steel and is lighter than cast iron. After seasoning, it becomes naturally non-stick without any synthetic coating and improves over time as you use it.  

This frying pan is perfect for cooking squash and zucchini in fall-weather dishes, especially during Thanksgiving.

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PRIMA MATERA Copper Saucepan

Are you looking for a way to add luxury to your kitchen and wow your guests? Try our PRIMA MATERA Copper Saucepan. This exceptional high-quality copper saucepan heats and cools within seconds. It has excellent conductivity, ensuring quick and even heat distribution throughout the pan. Copper is a must-have for making that extra special Thanksgiving turkey gravy.  

This saucepan is made from 90% copper and 10% stainless steel and performs wonderfully on induction cooktops. 


For a gorgeous show-stopping presentation for your table, theINOCUIVRE SERVICE Copper Oval Pan will surely add the “wow factor” to any Thanksgiving feast. These copper roasting pans are not only functional for cooking, but will also help enhance the table scape for the evening.

La Mandoline Kobra


Trying to slice your vegetables thinly can be challenging with a traditional knife. La Mandoline Kobrais your go-to for all of your Thanksgiving slicing needs. You can use this mandoline slicer to create beautiful and fancy-looking salads, fruit bowls, or any dish with vegetables that you choose. 

You can adjust the mandoline slicer to various thicknesses. Its micro-serrated V-shaped blade will make it super easy to cut through tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and potatoes. You can also use it to create cold cuts from larger chunks of meat. 

But if you want to elevate your mandoline experience go for the Le Mandoline Revolution Master. This classic French tool is made from stainless steel and features a double-sided, micro-serrated, and crinkle blade. Non-slip feet and an ergonomic pusher guarantee maximum results with maximum safety.

Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Before cooking that Thanksgiving meal, we wanted to remind you of some quick tips before you go shopping.

Know What’s In Your Pantry Before You Shop 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we suggest you peek inside your cupboard to see what types of canned and jarred items you have that you can use for your recipes at Thanksgiving. 

You will probably find tons of canned goods that you forgot about or specialty foods like fancy mustard, evaporated milk, or cornbread mix. You can use ingredients like these for pumpkin pies and stuffing. Just make sure these items aren’t expired.

Older or forgotten pantry items will help you save money and time at the grocery store. So don't be afraid to dig in and find some golden nuggets you can use!

Plan Your Menu In Advanced 

It's a good idea to plan everything in advance down to the last detail. Take inventory of your house items and ensure you have the recipes handy to gather the ingredients quickly at the store. 

Make sure you have enough dishes and place settings for your guests and all the details that go into making a great Thanksgiving feast.  

Are you trying to find high-quality yet affordable cookware for your kitchen? Then, visit deBuyer USA to view our latest pots, pans, knives, and cookware sets.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving 

Cooking for friends and family during Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun, even if it is a lot of work.  Having the right cookware and bakeware makes things a lot easier in preparing the meal and cleaning up after it. 

When you finally sit down to enjoy your creations, take a pic and share it with us on social media!

For more information about our cookware for Thanksgiving and other special holidays, please visit our website at de Buyer USA.

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