What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon steel is made up of 99% Iron and 1% Carbon, resulting in a thick, heavy-duty material that is used to make a variety of cookware and food prep utensils. Born in France, it is one of the oldest materials used in cookware. Its smooth cooking surface and ability to reach high heat combines the best of both worlds between cast iron and stainless steel cookware, and is often the #1 choice for professionals and home chefs.

Carbon Steel is...

Durable: Carbon steel is extremely strong and shock resistant when used correctly. It can withstand high heat and responds to heat quickly, giving you total control of how your food cooks.

Long Lasting: The hard metal makes it difficult to scratch or damage your pans, eliminating the need to replace your cookware, like you would with a lower quality nonstick pan. Our Mineral B pans come with a lifetime warranty.

Non-toxic: de Buyer's Carbon Steel pans are not coated or treated with any synthetic chemicals, making them safe to use without worrying about any harmful residue that may contaminate your food.

Carbon Steel or Cast Iron?

We often hear our customers say they've replaced all their cast iron pans for carbon steel. So what are the differences between the two and why are people choosing carbon steel over cast iron?

A carbon steel pans heats up much more quickly than a cast iron pan. And because it's more conductive, carbon steel heats more evenly, with fewer hot spots. 

Unlike cast iron pans, that has limitations, carbon steel pans are so versatile that they are considered a "do-it-all" pan.

They are loved by Chefs and home cooks all around the world and perfectly cook food from any culture or cuisine.

Mineral B PRO, the one and only

Our #1 best-seller, Mineral B PRO is unlike any other fry pan on the market: featuring a beautifully designed, cast stainless steel handle, it is 100% safe to use in the oven and on the grill, making it incredibly versatile and virtually limitless. Introduced in late 2020, it already boasts hundreds of 5 star reviews with a constantly growing army of die-hard fans. 

If you could have only one carbon steel pan, it should be this one!

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What to do with your carbon steel pan?


Tips & Tricks

  • Season your new carbon steel pan 2-3 times and then start cooking with it! The more you cook with it, the more seasoned and nonstick it will become.
  • It does not have to be perfectly black to have a good initial seasoning. It will become darker the more you cook with it.
  • Before storing your carbon steel, make sure it is fully dried to avoid rust - after washing, put it back on the stove to let any remaining moisture evaporate.

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Our collections

Mineral B PRO

Our famous Carbon Steel pan that does it all, and our #1 best seller! It has all the amazing qualities of the Mineral B collection while being completely oven safe! The cast stainless steel handle is uncoated making it the ideal pan for finishing your dish in the oven.

Mineral B Bois

Mineral B - but make it stylish! The B Bois collection consists of the classic Mineral B Element base, featuring our traditional French handle embellished with elegant beechwood that has been sustainably grown and harvested in France. 

Mineral B Element

The Mineral B Element collection is made with heavy-duty and high-quality iron and coated with natural beeswax as a protective finish against oxidation. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, from grill pan to paella pan - there's nothing you can't do with Mineral B. 

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