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Testing & Review Program: how does it work?

Step 1

We announce the selected product(s) that will be available for review, members apply.

Step 2

We select the reviewers among the applicants and ship the products (shipping expenses covered by us).

Step 3

Once finished, reviewers complete a feedback survey and leave their honest and unbiased review. 

Step 4

Feedback and reviews will be shared with our marketing and product development teams for further use.

  • Every month or so, we'll offer some of our products for review. This can be existing products within our collections, newly launched products, or new products in pre-launch mode.

  • The program is totally free of charge for our DB Insiders, who receive free products in exchange of their honest and unbiased feedback and review.

  • There is no catch or strings attached: you are free to join and leave at any time!

  • By enrolling in our DB Insiders Club, you automatically accept to receive our emails and newsletters.

  • Your information is safe with us and will never be shared with any third party.

Upcoming Review Session

CHOC EXTREME Nonstick Frying Pan

Nonstick afficionados will find the highest quality nonstick cookware at de Buyer. We craft our distinctive nonstick collections out of pressed aluminum with a five-layer coating. These pans are made from heavy-duty aluminum. The de Buyer CHOC collection is superior scratch resistance and a guaranteed PFOA-free.

Past Events & Sessions

JAN 2023

Ended 2/1/2023

de Buyer's Nonstick AFFINITY Frying Pan offers a scratch-resistant nonstick surface that cooks your food to perfection and makes cleaning up a breeze. The 8" AFFINITY Stainless Steel Frying Pan with nonstick coating is great when cooking for 1 person and perfect for reheating foods, sauteing, frying, making sauces, and more.

OCT 2022

Ended 10/30/2022

Le Tube Pastry Gun is a dream in the kitchen. Replace pastry bags with this gun to effortlessly dispense and decorate: paste, dough, cream, mousse, and puree. The ergonomic, non-slip handle, pressure options and tips enable control, customization and efficiency. Ideal for a variety of desserts including the most delicate of decorations. Also included, 13 ornamental discs to add fun and flair to your cookies.

*Session sign up starting on 10/24. *This is only open to dB Insiders, make sure to sign up before the session start!

Halloween Recipe Contest Submissions
Ends 10/23

Follow these steps to complete your recipe submission and be entered to win one of 3 prizes:

1. One (1) winner will receive a LE TUBE Pastry Gun

2. Two (2) winners will receive a 20% off coupon

3. Two (2) winners will receive a 15% off coupon

You will be asked for the following:

Your name, email address, IG handle, recipe name, type of recipe, # of servings, prep and cook time, ingredients list, instructions, any tips & tricks, and a photo of the recipe.

AFFINITY 5-ply Stainless Steel Roasting Pan

SEPT 2022

Ended 9/25/2022

With a large cooking surface, this pan is ideal for roasting meat, seafood or a lot of veggies. Try roasting some poultry or a large fillet of fish, dress it up with some herbs and place it right on the table to serve to guests! Suitable for stovetop cooking if the heat source matches the size of the pan.

AUG 2022

Ended on 8/7/2022

Add a little more taste to the table with our JAVA Salt & Pepper Mills or

Ease up the job with the KOBRA mandoline. Easily slice up toppings for your burgers, ingredients for summer side salads, or fruits, veggies & cheeses for charcuterie boards! 

JUNE 2022

Ended on 6/30/2022

All the tools and utensils you'll need to make the perfect baguettes, breads, loafs, tarts, pie and more! Choose between 2 of our pre-packaged boxes make the perfect starter set for your baked goods! 

*Session sign up starting on 6/24. *This is only open to dB Insiders, make sure to sign up before the session start!

MAY 2022

Ended on 5/30/2022

Grill season is officially here!

The Blue Steel Frying Pan from our Summer Collection will be your new, go-to pan to use either in the kitchen, on a grill, or open fire. Try it out at your next BBQ!

Ended on 5/30/2022

Ready to throw a summer pizza party?

Then this Blue Steel Pizza & Tart Sheet is a must-have for your cookware collection! Perfect for use indoors, on the grill, or in a pizza oven.

APRIL 2022

Ended on 4/24/2022

The AFFINITY collection features a 5-ply stainless steel body with beautifully polished exterior and elegantly designed heat stop handle.

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