What if you didn’t have to spend another second cleaning up sloppy spills after transferring batter into a muffin pan? What if you could avoid the frustration of wiping up random drizzles of chocolate sauce when you’re topping off an eclair? 

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, we all want our food to look as good as it tastes. Gadgets that offer solutions for precision and consistency can turn out to be a cook’s best friend. That’s why the mighty food dispenser is considered a must-have kitchen tool for discerning culinary perfectionists.  

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What is a Food Dispenser? 

Food dispenser

LE TUBE Pastry Press and Savory Food Dispenser

Food dispensers are funnel-shaped devices that give you better control and precision when you’re working with liquids, batters, and sauces. They are the ideal assistant when it comes to transferring food items into narrow containers or those with small tops. Not only are they great tools for cleaner transfers, but they also minimize spillage and waste.

Dispensers are uniquely designed for specific consistencies of foods. Traditional funnels with wider openings are handy for transferring bulk items into smaller containers. If you purchase flour, grains, beans, spices, or dried herbs in large quantities, they make for a spill-free transfer into storage or display jars. 


Food dispensers with finer tips are designed for liquids and batters. The de Buyer food dispenser collection offers plenty of versatility with our changeable piston tips. You simply choose the corresponding tip size based on the thickness of the liquid you’re dispensing, giving you a perfect pour every time. Our KWIK piston food dispensers are ideal for transferring oils and vinegar into smaller containers for everyday use, adding decorative touches to desserts, or elegant course plating. Whether you’re layering mousse, drizzling caramel or chocolate sauce, or canning jams, they offer more ease and less mess. 

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Why You Need a Food Dispenser

de buyer food dispenser



Everyone loves a tidy kitchen, and the precision that food dispensers offer is a convenient method for avoiding spills and simplifying cleanup. Perfectionist or not, the accuracy of dispensing the perfect amount of pancake batter onto a sizzling skillet, or delicately pooling a cream sauce on the bottom of a plate before topping it with a crispy salmon filet, there’s just no going back once you’ve learned to appreciate that level of culinary sophistication

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This high level of accuracy is thanks to a control lever near the handle. You push down to open the tip, and let go of the lever when you want the flow to stop. The best part is there’s no drip! You have complete control over how much and how fast you dispense whatever batter or sauce you’re working with.  

Better For The Environment 

Another reason people love the accuracy of food dispensers is that they help reduce disposable, single-use packaging. Buying a gallon of olive oil and transferring it to a more convenient, reusable jar means that you’re only left with one glass bottle to recycle when it’s finished, rather than several smaller ones. And don’t forget, it saves you multiple trips to the grocery store!

Makes Decorating Easier

Professional chefs appreciate food dispensers for many reasons. Bulk sauces can be easily dispensed into squeeze bottles that are used to add decorative flair to restaurant plating. Their smooth handling requires less repetitive motion without sacrificing precision. There’s also no direct contact with the food being dispensed, helping to keep cross-contamination and germs at bay. 

The durable stainless steel construction of our piston food dispensers means professionals and home cooks alike have made a lasting investment. Whether it’s waffle batter for a busy breakfast rush, topping off a slice of cheesecake with a rich caramel sauce at dinner, or accurately portioning takeaway soup cups, food dispensers offer a less laborious way to get the job done right. 



How to Choose a Food Dispenser 

The de Buyer collection of piston funnels was created to meet specific needs for various kitchen tasks. Our KWIK PRO Piston Funnel can hold up to 2 quarts and offers the flexibility of 3 different tip sizes for dispensing your favorite liquids, sauces, and batters. The 8mm, 4mm, and 6mm attachments will meet any of your sauce dispensing needs with ease and convenience.

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For smaller tasks, the KWIK Piston Funnel Black will do the job without taking up too much storage space in your kitchen. If you prefer a pop of color, the KWIK Piston Funnel Red adds a touch of brightness. These hold up to 0.8qt of liquid, syrup, sauce, or batter. At only 6” high, they are easily tucked under a cabinet or in your kitchen storage area until needed. You’ll likely use it more than you’ll store it with so many fabulous functions to explore! Impress dinner guests with your decorative plating prowess and perfect custard portioning, and wow your friends with delicately drizzled sticky toffee or strawberry-sauced cheesecake.

For bigger jobs, the KWIK MAX Piston Funnel is the one for you. This sleek stainless steel dispenser holds up to 3.5 quarts, perfect for easily dishing out large quantities. In addition to the built-in 15mm tip, you get 2 additional options. The changeable attachments include a 5mm and a 10mm tip, offering unfailing precision and greater consistency. 

If you’re a passionate pâtissier, you’ll adore the multi-functionality of our LE TUBE Pastry Press and Savory Food Dispenser. Just imagine making a tray of madeleines without the mess! It’s exactly the tool you want for a perfectly layered trio of colorful mousse in a decorative glass dessert jar. The fine tip allows for the most discrete puncture hiding the sweet surprise of a cream-filled croissant. With 2 different tips and 13 decorative cookie discs, you’ll always have the attachment you need at your fingertips. 

Once you get your hands on a food dispenser, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it! Not only are they fun and easy to use, but they add a touch of professional flair to your kitchen and every dish you create. These beautiful stainless steel funnels are durable, easy to clean, and they’re even dishwasher safe. 

So, the next time you’re whipping up a family breakfast or a fancy brunch party, enjoy the mess-free experience of using a funnel for your pancake or waffle batter. Top your pastries with a delicate drizzle of chocolate sauce and professionally decorate your canapés with a dollop of herb cream cheese. Food dispensers are the perfect way to level up your presentation style and keep your workspace clean in the process!



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