Professional chefs swear by the power of a mandoline, but they aren’t only useful in restaurant kitchens! If you ever avoid recipes that involve too much chopping or get worn out before the 'real' cooking even starts, your life is about to change. A mandoline helps any monotonous chopping, slicing, or cutting task become easy, impressive and will take just a fraction of the time it would take with a knife. Not to mention it offers uniform slices and beautiful cuts that you won't get by hand. Mandolines are a must-have staple for any kitchen. 

La Mandoline KOBRA high quality mandoline for beginners


A mandoline is a kitchen tool typically fitted with a sharp blade that allows you to quickly, precisely, and safely cut fruits, vegetables, and more into a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Uniform cuts are difficult and time consuming for any cook but are important for not only the overall appearance of a final dish but for a uniform cooking throughout. Mandolines will save time, are compact and easy to store, and can be used for a wide range of dishes and cutting needs. Some even have additional attachments for a variety of cuts. Anytime you feel the need to grab your knife, try out a mandoline instead, you’ll be amazed! 


Safety can often be a major concern when it comes to mandolines. With sharp blades to effortlessly slice and dice, it is important to take as much caution as one would with a sharp knife in order to avoid injury. That's why all of our mandolines are designed for maximum safety. Every single de Buyer Mandoline is sold with a protective pusher to guard your hands and fingers from the sharp blade while using it. As an added safety measure, all de Buyer mandolines feature a non-slip foot and handle.

La Mandoline VIPER


From the most basic of mandolines to more advanced, there’s one out there to suit every need. What do you want your mandoline for? Are you in the need for a basic, sharp blade to streamline slicing or do you want a more advanced multi-use mandoline for an assortment of cuts? No matter what you are looking to create with your mandoline, we have the one for you. 

For Beginners and the Basics

If saving time for more basic cuts and slices is your main goal, there are a few great options. La Mandoline KOMI is ultra-compact and easy to use. Simplicity is the name of the game with this mandoline, and it is a great option for first-time mandoline users. Featuring a horizontal blade, it is beautifully designed allowing you to slice any type of fruit of vegetable. With a quick twist on the side, you can easily change the desired thickness. This mandoline also cuts allows for julienne cuts.

Another handheld classic, La Mandoline KOBRA, easily becomes your new go-to for meal prep. Effortlessly cut through any hard or soft fruit of vegetables at your desired thickness. It’s micro serrated V-shape, hardened stainless steel blade requires less force while slicing and is beneficial when working with more hefty, harder to slice foods, like sweet potato. 

The V-shape of the blade also makes the KOBRA the optimal tool for slicing up cheeses and harder meats like salami and pepperoni. This mandoline will safely decrease your chopping time in the kitchen allowing you to quickly put together fresh salads, fruit bowl, charcuterie boards, and more.
La Mandoline KOBRA high quality mandoline for beginners

For the Savvy Slicer

Turning things up a notch, La Mandoline VIPER has interchangeable, V-shaped blades, which allows you to easily make slices, julienne cuts, crinkle cuts, cubes or diamonds of your desired thickness from 1-8mm in size. The folding rear foot is non-slip, adding to the comfort and safety of use along with the protective pusher.

Our top of the line, La Mandoline REVOLUTION does it all. With a removeable, double-sided, micro-serrated and crinkle blade, the Revolution turns any home cook into a master chef by creating stunning cuts in various thicknesses and styles. Add some flare to a crudité board by including some diamond cut vegetables, impress your friends with some homemade waffle fries, or slice up some cabbage for kimchi or sauerkraut that guests will think you slaved away in the kitchen to make.

 Step things up by investing in La Mandoline REVOLUTION Master which includes three additional julienne blades and one additional pusher and you'll never use your knives again.
La mandoline REVOLUTION

Still not sure of all the amazing things you can make with your mandoline? Check out our blog for some more inspiration!