Over and over you have you have found yourself wondering why the tarts you make at home never stand a chance against those from a bakery. The crust is not as crisp and flakey and the filling hasn’t set evenly. While this can be extremely frustrating, the key to achieving your perfect tart every time is by using perforated de Buyer’s Perforated Air System collection – for the perfect crust, every time. 

Why Use Perforated Baking Pans

While plain baking pans have their time and place, there are times when perforated pans reign supreme. Over the years perforated baking pans have become indispensable tools in the kitchen for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike. These specialized pans offer a range of advantages, from even heat distribution to improved airflow, resulting in perfectly baked goods every time. In this article, we'll explore some of de Buyer's perforated pans and why they are a must-have for your kitchen arsenal.

What to Look For When Buying Perforated Pans

Let’s just say, not all baking pans are made the same and this saying follows suit for perforated ones. When considering perforated pans, durability is paramount. Having a pan that you know will withstand the rigors of baking is a must. When deciding on shape and size, look for versatile options that accommodate various recipes and oven types. The perforated holes on the pans ensures efficient browning, which is essential for achieving that perfect cook on any crust. Easy maneuverability, from oven to countertop, simplifies your cooking process. Finally, find the right balance between quality and value to make a worthwhile investment for your culinary endeavors.

The Best Tarts

It could take a lifetime to master the art of baking – understanding the intricacies of various breads or pastries and how to perfect them requires a ton of different equipment. We do know one thing for sure, the use of perforated pans will dramatically change any type of tart you try to bake. Creating drool worthy tarts requires attention to detail and the perforations on these pans allow steam and excess air bubbles to release from the pastry. De Buyer’s air system concept ensures even heat distribution, preventing the dreaded soggy bottom and resulting in uniformly cooked tarts. The perforations allow moisture to escape during baking, keeping your tarts delightfully crisp and flaky on the outside and cooked to perfection on the inside. This is particularly crucial when crafting custard-based tarts, as excess moisture can compromise the texture.

Moreover, the properties of perforated tart pans simplify the removal of tarts, preserving their intricate designs. These pans are designed to effortlessly release the delicate pastry, leaving you with tarts that are as beautiful as they are delectable. In essence, perforated tart pans elevate your tart-making endeavors, ensuring consistently outstanding results that are sure to impress.

Our Perforated Tart Rings 

De Buyer tart rings are a hallmark of precision and quality in pastry craftsmanship. Created in a partnership with l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, our tart rings provide the perfect vessel for creating exquisite tart shells, allowing professional and hobby bakers to showcase their culinary artistry with ease and finesse.

Square Tart Ring 

Looking for a versatile culinary tool that will open a world of creative possibilities – enter our Perforated Square Tart Ring. While most people are expecting circular tarts, surprise any guest with square ones, offering those crust lovers a bit extra with those corner pieces. With its perforated design, it's ideal for crafting delicate square tart shells that bake evenly and achieve a crisp, golden finish. With the smallest size starting at 2.75-inches, this tart ring allows for a fun shape for any individualized savory quiche or sweet fruit tart.

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Perforated Square Tart Ring Height 0.8

Heart Tart Ring 

Add a touch of love to your pastry with our Perforated Heart Tart ring. Its charming heart shape makes it perfect for crafting romantic desserts like heart-shaped chocolate tarts ideal for special occasions or as a heartfelt gesture. Especially when using a wet filling such as berry-filled tarts, the perforations on this tart ring ensure uniform baking and the beautiful golden crust that will surely win over any date!

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Perforated Heart Tart Ring

Oblong Tart Rings 

Our Perforated Oblong Tart Ring offers a unique twist on typical tart shapes. Its oblong design invites versatility in your baking, allowing you to create elegant appetizers like smoked salmon tarts or timeless fruit tart filled with Crème Pâtissière. The perforations ensure even cooking, ensuring your creations are not only visually appealing but also bursting with flavor and texture.

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Perforated Oblong Tart Ring

Rectangular Fluted Tart Rings 

Alternatively, the Rectangular Fluted Tart Ring combines traditional elegance with modern versatility. Its rectangular, fluted edges provide a refined presentation for tarts, quiches, and savory pastry creations. Think beyond the usual and play around with some pesto and tomato tartlets or experiment with dessert options like mini citrus meringue tarts. The fluted design adds an extra layer of sophistication to your culinary masterpieces while the perforations guarantee consistent baking excellence.

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Perforated Fluted Rectangular Tart Ring

The Best Quiche

While there are endless recipes that could be made with our perforated tart rings, there’s one in particular we can’t go without specifically mentioning – the classic Quiche Lorraine. It’s the perfect recipe to show off the magic and power behind our perforated rings.

Crafting the perfect quiche, requires careful consideration of both technique and equipment. Creating a crispy, flaky crust while also maintaining a creamy custard is a feat many cooks try to master. Luckily, we’re here to let you in on a little pro tip: use our perforated round tart and pie mold. The ability to achieve even heat distribution plays a vital role in perfecting your next quiche.

The perforations ensure that the pastry will bake uniformly while the filling can fully set - something essential when dealing with a delicate mixture made from eggs and cream. The perforations in the mold really are the secret behind quiches that are never plagued by the dreaded soggy bottom, as excess moisture is efficiently released during the baking process.

Furthermore, perforated pans simplify the removal of your quiche, preserving its structural integrity and pristine appearance. With the end product in mind, our pans are designed to work with you not against you. We promise you’ll never be afraid of removing your quiche from its mold again after giving our perforated molds a try.


Creating a delectable quiche is a culinary endeavor that rewards attention to detail. Here are the key steps in making a quiche:

1. Prepare the Crust: Begin by mixing together ingredients to make a buttery, flaky crust. Once rested, roll out your pastry dough and gently press it into a perforated tart pan.

2. Blind Bake the Crust: To ensure a crisp crust, blind bake it by lining the dough with parchment paper and filling it with pie weights or dried beans. This step is crucial for achieving the perfect texture, and a perforated pan is the key to an even bake.

3. Create the Filling: Whisk together a velvety custard base, typically comprising eggs, cream, or milk, and seasonings. Add your choice of fillings, such as cheese or bacon.

4. Pour and Bake: Pour the filling into the pre-baked crust and smooth it out evenly. Place the pan back into the oven. The air circulation of the perforated pan is ideal for baking the filling to a custard-like perfection.

5. Serve and Enjoy: Once the quiche is set and golden, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool slightly. Slice, serve, and enjoy!

Our Perforated Quiche Pan 

Round Tart Ring 

With all of this talk about Quiche Lorraine, we have to discuss our Perforated Round Tart and pie mold – the secret behind your perfect quiche. If you’re going for any perforated ring, this one is an absolute versatile kitchen essential. The perforations in the tart ring ensure heat circulation that not only give a crisp crust, but promote even cooking of the silky custard filling. Its classic round shape will work with almost every tart recipe out there and while we love using it for quiche, it’s also great with this chocolate tart recipe!  

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Perforated Fluted Round Tart Ring
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Perforated Round Tart Ring Height 0.8
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Perforated Round Tart Ring Height 1.4

No More Soggy Crusts 

Soggy crust, no thank you! We promise you that De Buyer's perforated pans are essential to stepping up your tart game. With these innovative molds, you can say goodbye to wet, uncooked crust and hello to perfectly baked creations. Whether crafting tarts, quiches, or other delights, their even heat distribution and moisture control ensure your dishes shine with precision and flavor. After you give them a try, you won’t look back!


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