The Perfect Cookware for Small Space Living

Cozy at the best of times, cramped at the worst of times. Small-space living certainly has its ups and downs. But a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, especially when it comes to ...

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Cozy at the best of times, cramped at the worst of times. Small-space living certainly has its ups and downs. But a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, especially when it comes to your kitchen. Clever cookware design makes it possible to stock your kitchen with all of the essentials without overcrowding your cabinets.


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The Problem of Cluttered Cabinets 

Rummaging through clutter can quickly become frustrating, especially when you can’t immediately find what you’re looking for. Who wants to unpack an entire cabinet full of random pots and pans every time you need something? This is where organization becomes key


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Benefits of Cookware with Removable Handles 

Cookware with removable handles has organization built into its design. Not only do these pots and pans offer incredible versatility between heat sources, but they’re uniquely designed to be stackable for storage purposes. It’s everything you need to cook, but takes up less space and offers more versatility.

Space Saving

With limited storage space, handles disrupt uniformity. Even if sets are technically stackable, you’ve still got frying and saute pans with elongated handles trying to awkwardly fit together with saucepans that have short double-sided handles. Cookware with removable handles eliminates the issue. Everything is designed to be stackable, giving you perfect organization while requiring less space.

Easy Cleaning

Removable handle cookware makes cleaning a whole lot easier. You no longer have to worry about water damage to wooden handles when you can simply snap them off. Plus, you can easily stack the pans in the sink without having a cluttered mess full of clunky pans.

Safe for Stovetop and Oven

Need to get a crispy skin on that filet of salmon, but you prefer a more delicate center? With removable handles, you can do both without having to swap pans. Just remove the handle while placing your pan in the oven and you can cook proteins to perfection. It also means one less dish to clean later.


Removable handles no longer limit how your pans can be used. Depending on the material, some can go from stovetop to oven or grill, then straight to the table for serving. Simply remove the handles while cooking when necessary, and reattach them as needed. 

Serve Food Immediately

With removable handles, cookware doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen. Just attach the handle before serving and carry dishes directly to the table. Since only the pan stays hot, you decrease the risk of burns. This makes passing your creation around the table safe and secure for everyone to handle.


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The LOQY Range: Perfect for Small Spaces

de Buyer LOQY cookware

Fourteen utensils that fit a single handle- this is the definition of versatility. Just imagine trying to fit that number of pans, along with their handles, into your cabinets. With the LOQY Range of removable handle cookware, stacking is suddenly simple. The result is a uniform cookware collection that makes storage, and finding the pan you need when you need it, a breeze.

The Handle and Side Handles

This collection comes with two handles. The elegant cast stainless steel French handle is designed ergonomically so that weight distribution remains even. That means less wrist fatigue and complete comfort while cooking. The stylish double handles are crafted using beechwood. They lend a rustic charm, transforming your pans into the perfect serving dishes. 

The Materials 

The LOQY Collection features three high-performance cooking materials. Our Mineral B Carbon Steel set is perfect for high-heat cooking. The Alchimy Multi-Ply Stainless Steel collection is a versatile companion that’s suited to a wide range of uses. The Choc Extrême set is durable non-stick cookware made of cast aluminum and a certified nanoparticle-free coating. 

Carbon Steel - Mineral B

A master heat conductor, carbon steel is a great choice for cooking at high temperatures. Whether you’re searing fish before moving it into the oven, charring a steak on the grill, or quickly frying an egg, you can be confident that this material will do the job right. Like cast iron, but much lighter to handle, it becomes naturally non-stick with use. The more you reach for it, the less cooking fat you’ll ultimately need to achieve the same results. 

Multi-Ply Stainless Steel - Alchimy

Boil a batch of baby potatoes, steam veggies for a stir-fry, or simmer your Sunday gravy. Our Multi-Ply Stainless steel can do it all. The material is responsive to temperature changes, so you can prevent burning the moment you realize the temp is too high. It quickly boils water in large quantities, saving you time in the process. A pasta dinner on the fly has never been faster or easier.

Cast Aluminum - Choc Extrême

For more delicate jobs in the kitchen, such as sauteing vegetables and slow simmering a marinara sauce, Choc Extrême is the perfect partner. The aluminum is die-cast with heavy, magnetic base that’s suited to any cooking surface, including induction. These oven-safe pans are coated with a high-end material to ensure food doesn’t stick, so dishes require very little fat. 

The Collection 

With three material options that bring you the best natural resources for cooking, this collection puts quality first. By offering the added flexibility of removable handles, you can stack and store this entire collection using just a fraction of the space required by handle-bound cookware.

The Alchimy Collection

This 3-ply material combination brings you the quick conductivity of aluminum and the performance and control of stainless steel. It’s dishwasher-friendly and oven-safe, and it can easily be transferred between oven, stovetop, grill, and induction.

The Mineral B Collection

The thick carbon steel of our Mineral B Collection is an immediate indication of the durability of this material. Whether you’re cooking with high heat on the stovetop, in the oven, or using an induction surface, the material stays true to form. It won’t warp and eventually becomes non-stick after proper seasoning. 

Choc Extrême

Heavy-duty cast aluminum helps prevent these multi-functional pans from warping. This material is known for its even heat distribution, ensuring that food stays warm and cooks evenly. The 7mm-thick base keeps pans in place, whether on the stovetop, in the oven, or on your induction cooktop.


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Cookware in a Small Space 

The perfect Cookware for small spaces

Removable handles are revolutionizing how passionate cooks are able to perform in their kitchens, regardless of storage space. You don’t have to have big under-counter cabinets or infinite wall space for hanging and storing cookware. These stackable pots and pans were designed to be space-conscious. They’re the perfect solution for keeping your kitchen tidy and organized without sacrificing on quality.


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