12 Amazing Passover Recipes Ideas For Family Gatherings

Passover, also known as Pesach, is an important Jewish holiday that commemorates the freedom of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery. Passover begins in the middle of April and lasts for 8 days,...

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Passover recipes for dinner
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Passover, also known as Pesach, is an important Jewish holiday that commemorates the freedom of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery. Passover begins in the middle of April and lasts for 8 days, although some Jewish reform groups will practice only 7 days.  The date of the festival aligns with the first full moon in the Hebrew calendar month, Nissan. This is the reason why the dates will change slightly every year. 

The first two days are filled with decadent meals called “Seders,” served on exquisite plates and silverware. Seders are traditional dishes that are designed to usher the beginning of Passover.

Many delicious recipes are cooked during Passover when Jewish families get together for this holiday.  There are different variations of recipes that you can find and they all taste delicious no matter what version you choose.

Below we will look at 12 delicious Passover recipes that you and your family will love.

So let’s get started!


Passover Recipes

The classic charoset with almonds recipe is significant in Passover because it represents the mortar used to stack the bricks that made the pyramids in Egypt.  It’s also a favorite topping that goes over matzo.

The trick to making your charoset the best is to use a Kosher wine such as Manischewitz.  It’s similar to grape juice, but it also has a fantastic apple flavor.

Matzo Ball Soup

Recipes for passover

Matzo balls soup is an Ashkenazi Jewish dish that is served during Passover.  It’s similar to chicken soup and is filled with dumplings made from matzah meal, chicken fat, eggs, and broth. 

You can make several different versions of matzo ball soup.  You can see some of the other versions listed below.

  •       Matzo ball soup with cardamom, turmeric, and lime
  •       Green chicken soup with dill matzo balls
  •       Turkey matzo ball soup
  •       Persian-style matzo ball soup with chickpeas and chicken
  •       Stuffed matzo ball soup with chicken and apples
  •       Leek and ginger matzo balls in lemongrass consommé
  •       Spring chicken soup with matzo balls
  •       Chicken soup with asparagus and shitakes, served with fennel matzo balls

You can find these various versions on the Epicurious website.

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Caramelized French Ro

Seder dishes

Serving Caramelized French Roast will surely win over your family and friends.  The trick to this roast is to find the best red wine you can buy and use it to make this recipe.  You’ll need a few large onions, some potato starch, and some sugar to create the sauce.

Using a high-quality roasting pan to sear both sides and cook the french roast is vital to making this beautiful dish. It will need to be cooked for about 2 ½- 3 hours on a low flame, so plan ahead.

Passover Seder Roast

Passover seder pot roast

Passover Seder Roast is a classical holiday dish in that you can use a cheaper cut of meat or something more expensive, such as a French roast or a rib roast. 

You will use semi-dry red wine in this dish instead of sweet red wine.  Garlic, apples, and dried thyme add to the complexity of flavors that create such a delicious main dish.

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Passover side dishes

Tzimmes is a sweet Jewish dish that includes root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes with some raisins or prunes mixed in.  It usually gets its sweet flavor from brown sugar and honey mixed in with the vegetables.

This recipe also uses orange juice, and cinnamon gives it its unique flavor.

This dish is usually served alongside the main dish, such as roast chicken, brisket, or a roast.

Matzo Brei (fried matzah)

Matzo brie for passover

Matzo Brei is a sumptuous dish to serve during breakfast or brunch. Essentially matzo brie is matzo sheets that are put in butter and browned until they are crispy and then mixed with scrambled eggs. 

You can add some sugar or honey to sweeten up this dish or you can choose to add pepper, salt, and onions if you prefer.  Either way, it’s a delicious way to start the day.

Honey Horseradish Roasted Chicken

Passover recipe ideas

Honey horseradish roasted chicken is a brilliant recipe for Passover since you are up against limited resources for cooking.  It’s a simple whole chicken dish with garlic, lemon, onions, honey, and horseradish.

You will need a high-quality roasting pan to put your chicken on while stuffing it with lemon garlic, onions, and rosemary sprigs. 

The chicken is smothered in horseradish, olive oil, and honey to create a delicious flavor that will leave everyone at the table wanting a second helping.

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Braised Brisket with Onions and Carrots

Passover brisket with carrots

Braised brisket is one of those tender and juicy meats if cooked correctly.  The brisket is one of those meats that’s a very affordable cut but can turn out dry if you aren’t careful when cooking. 

When you brown the brisken, it makes it so much more flavorful.  But when you braise the brisket completely, it will help to trap in the moisture and make it highly moist.

If you can, make sure to buy a brisket with the attached fatty cut.  Otherwise, you will only get the leaner and dryer cut, making it harder to retain its juiciness.

You can cook the brisket in a roasting pan, or if you don’t have a roasting pan, you can put the brisket on a wire rack set within a baking sheet.

Ashkenazic Pot Roast (Gedempte Fleisch)

Passover pot roast recipes

Ashkenazic pot roast is a delicious Passover main dish made with shoulder roast, onions, celery, carrots, and a mixture of garlic, thyme, paprika, and wine.

Cooking a pot roast can take up to 3 hours, but it’s well worth the wait! You can use a Dutch oven or a traditional roaster on medium to high heat. 

The sauteed vegetables in this dish taste amazing when combined with the red wine, garlic, and paprika.  You can serve Tzimmes with this or any other Jewish side dish such as roasted delicata squash, jicama fries, maple cinnamon carrots, or roasted cauliflower with dates and pine nuts.

Whatever you decide, the Ashkenazic Pot Roast will be a big hit with family gatherings.


We hope you enjoy these delicious Passover recipe ideas.  Because there are so many versions of the above recipes, you can do additional research to determine which versions you like the best. Try a few, or try them all!  They will be sure to please any crowd.