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A chef's baking drawer is their tool chest. One must have the exact tools needed for each step of every recipe. Put together a complete set with de Buyer's comprehensive line of artisan bakeware. We've thought of everything in handcrafting a wide range of tools that will serve you through whipping eggs for meringue, scraping each drop of cake batter from the bowl, and adding a final touch of whipped cream to a parfait.  

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Perforated Aluminum Baking Sheet
  • From $29.95
AIRMAT Perforated Silicone Baking Mat
  • From $22.95
Perforated Pizza & Tart Sheet
  • $20.95
Aluminum Baking Sheet
  • From $24.95
Silicone Baking Mat
  • From $29.95
Macaron Silicone Baking Mat
  • From $24.95
Silicone Baking Mat With Marks
  • $54.95