get ready for back to school

Before you know it, summer will be coming to an end and kid, teens, and college student will be packing up their backpacks and heading back to school. de Buyer is here to help you fuel up for the busy times ahead by providing the best cookware, bakeware, and food prep utensils. 

For the most important meal of the day 

de Buyer's Mineral B Collection offers a wide selection of carbon steel cookware for every purpose. Through the seasoning process and with regular use, carbon steel becomes naturally nonstick, making it your favorite go-to pan in the kitchen, so you can whip up quick and easy breakfasts in a breeze. 

Whether you're rolling up a French omelette, frying up some breakfast potatoes, or flipping some pancakes or French toast - the Mineral B Collection has what you need to make some fuel for a busy day. 

carbon steel

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for quick meals and easy clean up 

The Signature Collection has everything you need for your everyday cooking essentials for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The entire collection is oven-safe and induction-ready and offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and cooking materials! 

AFFINITY Stainless Steel offers versatility for one-pot meals, and easy food prep while our PFOA-free CHOC Extreme Nonstick offers clean up that is easier an ever, so you can spend less time at the kitchen sink and more time with the family!

carbon steel

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food prep utensils

For baking with the family 

Our AIR SYSTEM perforated bakeware is one-of-a-kind and built to last for years of family fun. Get the whole gang together and get baking with a variety of perforated tart rings, baking molds, baking mats, baking sheets, and more! Whether you're exploring a new dessert recipe, or making treats for the school bake sale... your baked goods will come out perfect every time. The micro-perforations allow steam to escape while letting heat distribute evenly for a crispy and delicious result. 

carbon steel

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perfect complement to your cookware

You need proper tools and utensils to prep your ingredients and get cooking.  This is where de Buyer's B BOIS utensils come in... 

Made of stainless steel with a natural beechwood handle that'll look great hanging in your kitchen. Get theses beautiful utensils to complement your cookware and you'll be flipping, scooping, stirring, and serving  in style. 

carbon steel

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